Core Values

Joyce M. Jackson, San Francisco Bay Area based Psychic Medium, also known as The Sane Psychic, presents The New Paradigm in advisors, metaphysical insight, and spiritual insights.

  • Plain Talk
  • Simple Terms
  • Real People

Together, we cut through your confusion.  We answer your questions. We confirm you are not going crazy, just finding a better way to live your life. We also confirm what you already are experiencing and know: it’s all about you, where you are in your life, what fits for you and your truth.

Joyce M. Jackson, The Sane Psychic, clarifies the esoteric mumbo-jumbo from ashen faced vegetarians, gauzy-robed psychics with huge hooped earrings, and spell casters that sell $5,000 programs and removal spells.

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect

Joyce provides Clear, Concise, Credible information delivered from one respected individual to another…you! Information based upon you, who you are and what you are looking for in terms of answers while traveling your journey.  Information is delivered in simple, easy to understand language, known as your words.

There are no required programs, cookie cutter molds of metaphysical practices, or courses you have to take to reach your true self.  And, no metaphysical cyber-speak, robes, wands or aerie-fairie magic dust.

It is no accident you came looking here for the plain simple truth…for your truth. Joyce assists you in language you can understand and with information and tools you can use.

Today, Joyce simply illuminates for you a clearer life path for balanced living, empowerment, and health. She understands that it’s only when we balance our spiritual and physical experiences can our relationships, health, family, finances, career, creative expressions and more, have a whole, fulfilled, happy life.

Through experience, Joyce realizes that wondering if you are insane is no longer an option. There is now someone to talk to about those things you are feeling, seeing and dreaming. She invites you to feel for yourself the release and energy in discovering your true nature, your spirit.

When Joyce discusses your experience, she speaks to the spirit inside you, while bringing practical tips and solutions that will dissolve old stories, limitations and external coping mechanisms. She assists you in expanding your own power of self-generating change, love, esteem and satisfaction from the inside out.

Joyce’s main intention is to make your spiritual awareness simple, fun, engaging and clear, so you can take charge of your own future, get into living honestly and fully, right here in the present moment.

Joyce lives what she teaches: total transformation and honesty towards life.