Ordained Minister

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Joyce is an ordained minister in two spiritualist churches.

As a Spiritual Humanist,  every person has the innate right to make a spiritual connection to the rest of the cosmos. Beliefs are that you can solve the problems of society using a religion based on reason. You cannot abandon ancient traditions and practices, but can adapt them to a new understanding of the universe. Religion must be able to adapt to new knowledge about the universe without rejecting the deep spiritual connections to human history and the natural world that you are a part of.

All humans have an inalienable right and duty to practice their own religious traditions. Spiritual Humanism allows everyone to fuse their individual religious practices onto the foundation of scientific humanist inquiry. The church accepts people from any religious background and recognizes the validity of all peaceful religious practices and behaviors as being helpful and necessary in developing the spiritual nature of humanity.

In the Universal Life Church (ULC), it is a religious and spiritual denomination which opens its doors to all. The Universal Life Church provides a broad level of support to you whether you will be officiating at a wedding or are planning to start your own church. As an online ordained minister of the ULC Monastery, Joyce fully possesses the legal status to officiate at marriages, perform baptisms, or preside over funerals and burials.