About the ASA

American Society of Advisors (ASA)

Our Mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of  extra-sensory knowledge, guidance and advice and its practices to benefit society and improve people’s lives.

Our Vision is to improve the health and welfare of life on earth thereby benefiting society by advancing the application of extra-sensory knowledge, skills and abilities.

Our Work

ASA seeks to advance the use of extra-sensory abilities and related practices as a science, a profession and as a means of promoting the health and welfare of life on earth by:

  • Encouraging the development and application of spiritual gifts by skilled practitioners in the broadest manner Encouraging the broadest possible development of extra-sensory knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Promoting research in the spiritual gifts arena with the improvement of research methods and conditions and the application of research findings Promoting the improvement of research methods and conditions in order to advance the application of these findings into the general population.
  • Improving the qualifications and usefulness of the spiritual practitioner by establishing high standards of ethics, conduct, education and achievement Advancing the increased utilization of practitioners in all walks of life by improving their preparation and qualifications by establishing rigorous standards of ethics, conduct, preparation and professionalism.
  • Increasing and disseminating spiritual knowledge through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions and publications Increasing acceptance, understanding and utilization of extra-sensory practitioners through professional publications, reports, white papers, and professional societies.

Strategic Plan

The ASA’s strategic plan is to expand the role of the extra-sensory practitioner in the professional fields by increasing the recognition of the use of extra-sensory abilities for the ultimate purpose of increasing the health and welfare of all life on earth.

Governance and Senior Staff

Volunteer governance members play a key role in the direction and completion of ASA’s advocacy, publishing, member service and more. These groups include ASA’s:

  • Founders, which has the sole authority to approve policy and appropriate the association’s revenue.
  • Membership
  • Board of Directors, elected by the membership, and which acts as the administrative agent of the Council of Representatives.
  • ASA President, elected annually by the membership to serve as the face of the association.
  • Committees, boards and task forces, which focus on particular issues in the field.