Definition of Advisor

The extra-sensory practitioner can function in very diverse disciplines. Utilizing extra-sensory abilities can manifest in nearly boundless variety and be applied to every aspect of everyday life. “Advisor” is a diverse discipline, grounded in spiritual skills, but with nearly boundless variety and applications in everyday life.  Some advisers use energy movement, meditation, intuitive interpretations and empathic feelings and apply them to basic psychic readings, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, remote viewing and mediumship techniques. Other advisors apply the discipline’s tools such as tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, runes and others to help people, organizations and communities function better.

As research yields new information, these findings become part of the discipline’s body of knowledge and are applied in work with clients individually, in groups, in corporate settings, government, business, within the judicial system and professional sports essentially anywhere humans are interacting with others and the earth.

An extra-sensory practitioner aspires to acquire mastery in their chosen modalities through education, mentoring and practice. Advisor aspires masters-level profession. Advisors study both spiritual and human behaviors and phenomenon and treat clients with spiritual, emotional and energetic issues. Extra-sensory practitioners acquire knowledge, skill and abilities in the realms of extra-sensory phenomenon, psychology and energetic in order to promote and sustain balance in the energetic systems of humans and other life on earth. They also study and encourage behaviors that build wellness and emotional resilience.