What Its Like on the SANE Side of the Crazy Psychic World

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Come on in, there’s plenty of room. It’s fun, it’s supportive, and lively and yes, it’s called The Sane Side!

Welcome to my world. It’s wild and weird and yet all so sane and real. First, I don’t work anymore. Yes, I’ll be doing this the rest of my time on this rock, but it is not work. It is fun and a pure joy. I have fun every day.  It’s my own corner of the universe and I enjoy it immensely.

On the Sane Side we experience energies, we feel them intensely. Charges of electricity, tingles, hair standing on end, are de rigeur. It’s also not just energy, sensations or emotions felt, but taps and touches as well when spirits want undivided attention.

We know things. We’ll take a new route to avoid traffic jams; we’ll miss an airplane to take a later flight to meet that important person we are to link up with in the airport; synchronicities are a way of life.

We see things: orbs, mists, colored flashes of energy. I have so many pictures of orbs and energies I have them in categories. We hear things like footsteps, voices and noises. Many of them we capture on recordings. Doors open and shut, items aport and my dogs bring their toys over to whomever shows up in my office, alive or in spirit.

We take trips to spiritual destinations both of this planet and in other energetic realms. We meditate and tap into spirit communication in shared experiences. We laugh, we love and we cry but we do it together in a happy, supportive manner. Is it utopia?  No. But it works and it is fabulous fun!

Things just come to me, so now, after learning the hard way, and I listen. I listen to my guides all day long and chat with them incessantly. Even if they make no logical sense, I listen and follow their instructions. I’m working with them in a very new, unique way since waking up, too. It’s always an evolution.

I get beings and spirits showing up singly or in groups suggesting I do things such as travel somewhere or attend an event. I do. This is how opportunities, fabulous people and new things come into my life. I follow instructions now and show others how to do the same.

I not only listen to them chatter away, but I also constantly look for messages symbolically. I see them on the clocks, billboards, radio, computers and trucks around me. It’s as overt as an electronic word on my cell phone or computer or two hummingbirds circling in infinity sign patterns. It’s the cloud formations, or the orbs in my bedroom as well as my father leaving his name Daniel on my computer. Many times I don’t even have to look for messages; they come custom wrapped as an Ace of Clubs playing card with my name on the back in gold script.

I get a lot of questions about what it’s like on the sane side of the spiritual world. People love to wonder and fantasize about what it’s like to see things the way I see them. “I want to do what you do!” people cry. Go ahead!  Join me! But also be aware, my life is just like yours. I go shopping in San Francisco with a friend of mine. I laugh over lunch as I shop in Japantown. I plan a vacation trip to Las Vegas at Christmas: I’m doing a few days of the ultra-glam thing and spa myself silly. I use money, I pay bills, I buy groceries, and my teenagers screw up regularly in school. I live just like you do and probably next door!

I plan my days, run a business and I have last minute human things, too: I took my boys for flu shots. I don’t need shots as I do not get sick.  However, my boys are not in control of their energy yet and they need one, especially being in public schools.  So in a show of bravado, I get one too. My youngest son is trypanophobic and so mommy needs to show him that the tiny little needle doesn’t scare her. Oh, yes, and he’s 6’2” tall at twelve years old, so you can imagine how elated I am to deal with him and his fear of shots. I was frustrated with the situation and am telling you so you know I feel all the emotions you do. I am still having a human experience.

Yes, my life is just like yours, with a little bit of added spice: I see, feel, hear and experience things. I get jolts of high energy, like shots of whiskey, when I visit energetic sites. I feel like a battery charging. These high energy shots always precede something showing up tangibly for me: a person, place or thing. I’ll meet someone instrumental for my business, a new contract will show up or a series of new clients and gigs. It’s my pattern. I recognize it when I’m in it and have learned to let it flow as it occurs rather than fight it.

I find these things calming yet fun, laced with a little excitement. That’s the added little sprinkles on the icing, so to speak, that permeates my life. I get messages and instructions all the time. I’m just listening and paying attention to them now. Writing this book was one such instruction. Staying the course with a relationship was another. Making some business and financial adjustments was still another set of unequivocal instructions. While it took me a while to get there it’s pretty easy now to dissolve my resistances, my fears, and follow the spiritual blueprints I receive.

This is my life now and I live it fully. People that seek me out both as clients and colleagues find enjoyable times abound for all to be had! I am blessed in this way. I find the spiritual experiences to be delightful, energizing, addictive and fun. I impart that in all I do. You can join the fun side of the spirit world with me, the Sane Side. There are only a few rules. I’m not big on rules and I break them regularly, but here are mine if you wish to come along. I think we should have learned these years ago, once again in kindergarten, but because of their simplicity and effectiveness, and the fact that they are free, we tend to devalue them. Pish Posh!  They work and combined with insight, can create a fabulous experience for you in this lifetime.