Rave Reviews

There are so many things I truly respect and admire about Joyce. One aspect that is coming thru very clearly this week is the power of just doing it. You can swirl and grapple with uncertainty and wonder why this and that, but in the end you have to do. Joyce writes these blog posts, runs a radio show and a booming client practice, and runs and has teenage boys…..and keeps spinning these plates like an astral acrobat. You’re an inspiration to me, Joyce!

I have had SO many readings in the San Francisco Bay Area, that I had lost hope at one point in psychics and mediums and reiki healers………until I met Joyce.  I can’t put into words how much I appreciate her for helping me through my darkest moments with her amazing gifts and faith in all that’s light and divine. Her warm, sincere and straightforward approach to guiding me through all my roller coaster moments and upheavals, has been like a walk through a mine field with a trusted expert, guide and friend. Thank you for helping me navigate this course of mines, and giving me the courage to not give up. Blessings to you from the ‘girls’!

My heart was on the floor before I talked to Joyce. She gently picked it up with her words, and in detail unfolded the last 7 months of my life to a “T”. I am stunned. The sensitivity poured out and I didn’t feel anything but respected during a very difficult reading of the heart. She knew each word to say and picked up my spirit with her kindness and exactness of the situation. I am so grateful I chatted with her. I am thankful for her gifts and wisdom. She helped me into a new phase of transition and the depth of her words will not be forgotten.Thank you so very much.

Wow…I am totally astonished by Joyce’s psychic abilities. She was able to tell me things about the person in question and the dynamics of the friendship that were incredibly mind blowing. She was calm and fluid in her description –not general, very specific and detail. She went deep into the psychic of this person, who is extremely emotionally complex. She has empowered me with a lot of useful information that will help me navigate this friendship, and potential relationship. She is the Psychic of all Psychics. Once you have had a reading from her, you will never consult anyone else. Thanks so much for your time and patience with me.
~ Andre

I came in for a reading last Thursday and within a few hours I got an interview for a full-time paid clinical job working with adolescence with eating disorders (my specialization).  I also got an email about working with adults in a private setting (which I am working out the details of how I want this more intuitive, less clinical, side of my practice to look).  You were right I just needed to receive!
~ Casey

What a great reading. I had her read about things from my past, present and future. I know that she was dead on in the past. I gave her very little information and she picked up on the finest details. The future is the hardest because of free will, but she not only gave me predictions, but also gave me advice on how to navigate the situation to increase the odds of my desired outcome. She is a must call.


Many readings over the past year. Luv her! She is quick to pick up on details accurate reader!! Predictions have come to pass. She is very real and does not finesse the reading to give you false hope or unrealistic direction.

AMAZING! This call was simply one of the best and most comprehensive readings I have ever had Not only are her psychic abilities completely right on, but her spiritual advice as to how to resolve difficult situations is the most important information, and the best advice I have had in a very long time. In fact, it has been years! Wow.

Five stars is not enough! Joyce is so good, she is the real deal. She nailed it!! She always tunes into my situation immediately, quickly and easily and her readings never cease to amaze me. She is accurate, honest and compassionate. Thanks for the confirmations and sharing your unique insight s with me. God Bless You!
~ Cece

What a lovely woman to speak with, and she is so confident, and I am such a basket case…her advice was spot on, and I cannot wait to speak with her again, it was learning experience about myself, and of course, others…
~ Melissa

Excellent!! said my test results would come back just fine and sure enough they did!!! she is right on in small details as well, there is no way she would know if she didnt have the gift.

Joyce is my absolute favorite advisor, I love her in depth conversation and straight to the point details. She has been right for me so far, plus she tells me what I need to hear for me
~ Dave

Great connection – sooooo spot on on personality traits and the past circumstances – patience seems to be my only alternative and that’s OK – impressed with this psychic’s style.

Oh man such a great help she is. I needed to talk to her before I continued this difficult day I have been having. I know I will get through it and I appreciate her help. Wish I can put her in my pocket and bring her with me.
~ Trish

She was very professional, tuned in right away, no sugar coating, so, be prepared for the truth and she is compassionate yet straight forward. I love it! She provided a lot of information, helped clear a couple of doubts (work related). She also provided a time frame. She is worth the money. I will come back and share my story as it unfolds, with her often.
~ Sandy

Joyce is wonderfully accurate and honest.  She just “gets” me and offers great advice for the situation with compassionate and firm guidance, and she understands the complexities of it, and is helping me to see this more clearly and to get me out of my grief… Really, highly recommend her… !!!
~ Renee

Really excellent reading!  She’s right on about the person I called about – gave me more details and explanations and insight into a difficult situation and options for how to deal with it – very precise and compassionate together – delivered hard to hear information with caring, and non-judgement. Was very honest and truthful and gave a very reasoned and rational explanation of what is going on – Appreciated talking to her. She was fully understanding and wholly wise. THANK YOU.
~ Faye

What can I say about Joyce? She’s absolutely amazing! Phenomenal!! She’s so freaking good! She is always on point, she is upfront, honest and straight to the point! She always keeps my spirits up and keeps me laughing, I could talk to her all day! Thanks for always tuning into my situation so quickly and thanks for making sense of situations when I can’t see clearly! You are a God Send 🙂 Thanks again and God Bless You.
~ Dan

Oh my God!  I haven’t slept this good in months!  After just one energy healing session, not only did I feel fantastic, but I slept through the entire night for the first time in years!  Joyce is the real deal and additionally she told me things she couldn’t possibly know. She was accurate yet caring and very kind while on target with my situation. She gives helpful insight as well as dates that things will take place. She also clued in on aspects of my relationship that were dead on correct! A true in tune psychic!! She is fabulous!

Oh my God this woman is SO FREAKING AMAZING!!! I called her and told herIi was a skeptic and she said, ” Oh, Ilove skeptical people!” And, I swear, she proved me wrong. All i had to do was ask her one question and that’s all it took for her to tell me everything! And, she was right on the dot!! Every single detail that’s so personal, she knew it.. it was incredible! She is now my personal psychic! Thank you!

I had an absolute incredible reading with Joyce!!!  This woman speaks the truth! I am speechless. I’ve spoken to numerous “psychics” before but this woman is in her OWN league. I am SO THANKFUL for her insights. She has answered so many questions. I have been lost on for so many years. I didn’t even tell her details, she just knew things. It was hard to leave, because I just wanted to keep thanking her.  She is 100% pure and genuine and speaks the truth ! Wow!

Talking to Joyce is like talking to my best friend. She is very good at picking up on your emotions. What a great reading. She concluded everything i needed clarity about. I would recommend her to the president if i could. She’s just that great.
OMG! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! The first time I’ve talked to a psychic who gets it on every level. Totally blown away by her insights, accuracy and depth into the situation and the person. How someone this good can be found on Keen is unbelievable. Thank you for validating my experience…I’ll be back. Highly recommended!! xo
~ Teresa
Joyce was right! back on 7/6/12 I spoke with Joyce and she read my situation perfectly. She gave me some advice and told me if I decided to act upon it, I would here from my friend. Well I took her advice and on 7/16/12 I heard from him!! I didn’t think it would work especially after more than 2 yrs of silence, but it did!! Thank you so much Joyce, I’m so glad I called you that day!!!
~ Kara

Absolutely outstanding…amazing reader…best I have ever had a reading with! Thoroughly recommend Joyce Marie…and she is lovely to boot!

Wow what can I say about Joyce.  I did a reading with her and it absolutely amazed me.  She is so warm and loving and the energy you get is so real and pure.  She was able to help me fill the gaps missing in my life and help me answer all my questions.  She is also great at cleaning your aura, energy and chakras ……and yes I needed to do all of that and I was amazed that I felt so good within 10 minutes … You need to check her out.

AMAZING!  Joyce is one of the best psychics I’ve talked to in years. She clarified issues my mother is facing and why our relationship developed as it has- I couldn’t put my finger on it my entire life until now. She helped me to understand how her mind works and what she feels at this juncture in her life. It was amazing and has given me a starting point from which to work. I really trust Joyce and believe her advice and will adhere to it!

Absolutely fabulous! I cannot express my gratitude enough. Joyce is comforting, witty, and just fun to talk with. I felt so comfortable talking to her. I felt so at ease. She explained the details of my life as if she’s known me for years.  She describes everything so vividly. I will most definitely move her to the top of my list of my most trusted advisers.

Great person to talk to!!! Joyce was right on the money! Everything was so true. I am a first time client and will definitely come back!!!!  She is very straightforward and honest and I appreciated her insight and delivery. She sees substantial progress with Liam in April.  I wished I could have found her years ago…thank you!

Hi Joyce!  Thank you so much. It was also a pleasure to meet you!You  made my first experience very pleasant–I enjoyed it very much.  Thanks so much again!

Hi Joyce,
I just listened to our session and I am just so blown away by you.  Thank you, you are amazing.  And the moment the recording ended, my cell phone rang and it was my daughter calling to say hello to me! 🙂
Thanks again Joyce and will be in touch.

Joyce, thank you so very much for meeting with me.  You really helped me to understand so much of what I was so unsure about.  I left you with the feeling that I can grow from this experience and move forward.
Thank you,

Loved the reading!!! Joyce really tuned in quickly and offered such wonderful guidance and advice. She is very caring and easy to talk to….so warm and amazingly accurate. I will definitely come again!! A true gem..such a beautiful spirit!!

Joyce is outstanding and talented  Thank you for your honesty and compassion. Blessings to you.  I was impressed at some things that she said that were exactly right that she would have no way of knowing. EXCELLENT psychic!  I can’t enough nice things about Joyce. She was quick to the point with lots of details. I highly recommend her. My reading was fantastic. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and help.

Thank you Joyce! This was really a great first reading! She quickly addressed my question and seemed very confident in what she shared. She also has a nice blog. I would definitely seek her guidance again. Thank you!

LOVED HER. Right in line with some of my trusted advisors. She was incredible and quick and to the point. Definitely made me feel a hundred times better tonight. Praying she is right about what she sees for the future xo!  Thank you for your time and insight.  Awesome reading. Everything said was true. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep in touch.

Thank you so much Joyce. You are so bubbly and fun to talk to. You are indeed a great spirit with a good manner to help those who call. I would recommend her highly if you are distraught and don’t know where to turn next. I am looking forward to our next conversation. Thank you again my dear.

I will most definitely call back….

Joyce, unlike other readers, you extended kindness to me and more than just your time on the line. I am grateful to you. I am the one with so many souls to feed. I am looking forward to fall when you say my resources should improve so I can continue that work. I will also move on from the company I have for so many years worked. You said they have me wedged at low pay to benefit their needs, promoting less qualified and new employees over me. WOW! – Anonymous
~ Jo

Joyce, he called while I was on with you! And he is going to stop by. Will call you back!
~ Amanda

Thank you for the wonderful reading! I was more than happy to be a client with a fabulous life just needing some advice on how to proceed with my love life. Your insight and connection to the other person were exactly what I was looking for, and your advice to “take the towel off” and to continue living life was perfect. I especially appreciated your wisdom regarding patience and how to maintain a connection yet still keep the doors open.
~ Dani

This was the first time I read with Joyce but she was right on in terms of where I was at emotionally, the other person in question, what happened in our relationship, why it ended and what I’m going through now. I’ll have to see about the timing of the events but the rest was great.
~ Sheila

She is a gem!


So lovely, supporting and kind. Very clear reading – knew a lot of things without any prompting at all. She was great and friendly. She was full of insight and she hit everything right. I would definitely recommend her.
Thank you!

Absolutely outstanding…amazing reader…best I have ever had a reading with! Thoroughly recommend Joyce Marie…and she is lovely to boot!


And, there’s more….

Thanks again to Joyce for being awesome and steady and talking me out of my craziness! She can see what the bigger picture is and help me understand what is going on in my life and my energy… so thankful I called her today…!

I love her! seems like we really connected and I felt like everything she said was accurate. I am going to stay strong and wait and out and hopefully everything will work out! thanks!

Joyce is a REALLY amazing reader! She will get down to the nitty gritty of your situation and with compassion and kindness tell you the reality of it… I am a repeat client and can vouch for the accuracy of her abilities and the amount that she cares… She’s given me the tools to help myself, and the encouragement to do so. Yes she might “see” and say what you weren’t hoping for, but as we all know, life can be hard, but that’s what is REAL. She definitely read my energy accurately, as well as the energy of person I am concerned with- and has been reading so over several calls/emails.  So here I go again. I don’t mind answering a few questions, because you know what happens? Joyce opens up a world of what you didn’t see or know was going on beyond your perception, in your energy, and the person you were calling about (if you were) – it’s your own free will to accept/face and – most of all- discern truths as presented to you. THE SANE PSYCHIC is RAWKIN 😉 Thanks for your very honest, compassionate, kind counsel, Joyce. She really cares and she IS the REAL DEAL.

In my life, Joyce’s predictions have manifested. She connects very well and doesn’t need all sorts of cues from you to figure out what you’re asking. Great advisor/ wise lady. Her gifts aren’t questionable.

Great reader. She picked up on the current status of someone from my past. I kept wanting to deny that he wasn’t normal and happy like I remembered, but she was right. He had an injury and became a very sad and self-centered person.

Sane Psychic confirmed a difficult choice I have to make, but also offered some steps to deal with it if I want things to turn out a certain way. I hope she’s right, because I really love this man and have never been otherwise happier, except on this issue. I am so afraid right now of doing the wrong thing and losing him forever…

Thank you… You always give me a lot to think about..and describe things perfectly… I will take your advice and move slowly… and I will keep in touch.
Wonderful deep reading! She really nailed the man in question and gave very detailed information. Will definately contact again!
Glad I called! Thank you for your time and insight. Cant wait to work hard and prove you rt this wkend! Will call again =)
Joyce is a wonderful reader, one of Keen’s best. She is very consistent and extremely intuitive. I highly recommend her; please call her!

The Sane Psychic is amazing. She tells you what you need to hear, not JUST what you want to hear. While I’m getting better at recognizing my own blocks, she does right away and explains things so clearly to help you see how someone might be perceiving a situation, feeling, etc. Too early to tell about predictions, but I can say that she’s commented on things that have been conveyed to me, but that I had not yet shared with her, so SHE KNOWS THINGS. Wonderful reader and one I will keep calling.

Wow, she is GOOD! I had to process our chat session for a few days before I went back today to read the entire transcript one more time. Priceless information. In the heat of the ‘chat’ moment, I was unable to fully digest all that she was saying, but now that I have some distance from it, her wisdom and advice is impeccable. Not only does she read your situation with clarity and accuracy, but she offers real solutions that make sense. I am so grateful, also, that she was able to lower her rates for a few days to help those of us who are students with minimal funds. Excellent reading and valuable insight.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you, Joyce! Wonderful insights, delivered in such a supportive, kind manner. Excellent reading; I’m so looking forward to seeing it all come to pass. Have a wonderful day!

Five stars aren’t enough for Joyce! Wow, she never ceases to amaze me. I love talking to her so much because its like talking to an old friend. She tunes into the situation immediately and she delivers one heck of a powerful detailed reading! Thanks for sharing your gifts and insight with me. I look forward to your predictions coming to pass soon 🙂