Mt. Diablo

Discover and Reveal Who You Really Are

  • Are you ready to discover who you are and why you’re here at this time and place?
  • Are you ready to fully energetically charge yourself in body, mind, and spirit?
  • Are you ready to move out of fear and confusion into confidence and clarity?

If you are, please join me in a customized one day Mt. Diablo guided spiritual journey. Half day and multiplr day trips are also available; individuals or groups.

Mt. Diablo is a Native American spiritual site and an energy vortex.  The pure energy and spirits in this area make it easy to connect with your deepest essence and to remember your true purpose. You’ll visit sacred sites that few visitors ever discover and be supported in receiving the wondrous gifts  Mt. Diablo has for you.

I’ll guide you in letting go of old fears and limitations and open you to the incredible love and wisdom that’s within you.  You will receive a clear vision for the next chapter of your life.  You’ll return home with:

  • direct access to your heart’s wisdom to guide you day-to-day
  • practical tools that energize you to thrive in every way possible – physically, emotionally,  financially & spiritually!
  • a greater sense of ease and flow in your life, creating greater results with less effort.

Take a transformational journey to the next level of your spiritual path at the energetic spots at Mt. Diablo.

Call Joyce to book individual and group spiritual sessions: 510-719-1463. Any time, any season.