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Joyce is a fabulous personality and can speak on a wide range of topics. She is a published, #1 international bestselling author. She can and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows and is an expert speaker and presentation expert.  As a speaker she can provides keynote addresses, seminars, or motivational information formats.

Her new book, scheduled for 2015 publication, Waking Up Sane, is a popular topic on how to cope with waking up for the first time, especially highly trained professionals and those that are analytically challenged.

“This is what happened to me.

It all flooded in overnight.

I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and thought I landed in the wrong hotel room. It was filled with people I did not know. They were milling around, looking at me in bed and talking to me. They were also walking in and out of walls while brilliant colored lights swirled around the ceiling. ‘Wow!  I really partied hard last night,’ I thought.”

Other topics Joyce can speak and motivate include:

  • Changing the Way You Change
  • The Chrysalis Process
  • How to Get What You Really Want
  • Being Spiritual, Being Human

Other spiritual topics, psychic abilities, goal achievement, intuitive guidance, motivation, energy work, shamanism and other related topics are also available upon request.

For information regarding booking Joyce for your upcoming speaking event:

  • Keynote
  • 60 minute
  • 90 minute
  • Seminar

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