joyce m jackson services

I provide you a wide range of services including readings, consulting, coaching and mentoring.

My unique abilities coupled with my professional acumen and acquired certifications provide you the best services cutting through the craziness of the psychic and metaphysical worlds.

Come to the Sane Side! Its The Sane Side of the Psychic world: practical steps and tools from spirit that can be used in actions to take in order to improve your life. I take the woo-woo stuff and bring it down to earth. I make the intangible tangible for you.

Come on over to the SANE Side, there’s plenty of room. Its fun, it’s supportive and lively.

Welcome to my world. It’s wild and weird and yet all so sane and real. It is fun and a pure joy. I have fun every day.  It’s my own corner of the universe and I enjoy it immensely.

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Joyce also leads spiritual trips to spiritual destinations both on this planet and in other energetic realms. They are combinations of energetic meditations that tap into spirit communication in shared experiences. People come together to laugh, love and expand in a happy, supportive manner. Click any of the Links Bbelow to find out more: