Business Intuitive

Joyce Jackson is a skilled and professional Business Intuitive.

Joyce has been a rock and a solid presence helping me launch my healing business. She is an invaluable asset to showing me how to build my business. Joyce has assisted in keeping it running smoothly and efficiently which has allowed me to focus on developing new marketing strategies. They are an essential part of my growth now, updating my online marketing, website, blogging and database management just to name a few. I highly recommend her business expertise to anyone looking to make a significant living from a healing profession.

~Dr. Janna H., DC

Joyce is a coach and mentor that is confident, insightful and grounded in best business practices. At the same time, she is also a psychic, psychic medium and energy worker. She seamlessly blends her solid skills with creative innovation for real, measurable results in your business. Her 30 years of combined experience as an architect, engineer and business owner provide you a unique skill set to guide you to your lightworker business success.

Not only can she discuss your energy, spirit, skills and gifts with you but she can also talk about your:
• Pro Forma
• Revenue
• Monthly P & L’s
• Controlled Growth

A business intuitive is a business coach, mentor and practitioner who uses their self-described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a problem, issues or blockage within a business or company. Other terms for this practice include business clairvoyant, business psychic or intuitive coach.

A business intuitive may determine areas of concern from a healthy business owner’s point of view and make recommendations in regards to real assessments and evaluation through recognized industry tools. Business intuitive practitioners often label the ills within a business they see by stating the symptoms and dysfunctional results that are being produced.

Joyce Joyce today for a complimentary 30 minute business mentoring session at 510-719-1463 or Click Here to ask a question.