Perspective Readings

Perspective Readings

Joyce offers Perspective Readings.   I use my extensive professional skills to look at your life, situation and issues in ways others cannot. Then, I simply offer you several different perspectives on your situation.

Ideas    Outcomes   Possibilities     Facts

Conditions       Emotions      Feelings

Meaningful Interrelationships

When you talk with me you walk into the Sane Side of the spiritual world. I will offer you practical steps and tools from spirit that can be used in actions to take in order to improve your life. I take the woo-woo stuff and bring it down to earth. I make the intangible tangible for you. ~Joyce M. Jackson

I am available for Readings, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Work, Healing and custom crafted coaching and mentoring programs just for you.

Sessions are available in person, by phone or skype, by appointment only.  My comfortable private practice office is located in Walnut Creek, CA and I provide you the address upon scheduling in your appointment. Call 510.719.1463 to book your appointment or email Joyce at Joyce (at) TheSanePsychic (dot) com.

Sessions by phone are just as powerful as in person appointments. Advanced scheduling is required. It is recommended that you schedule at least a week in advance (longer if you have a stringent schedule). Payment must be made in advance by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or by check.  See below for details.

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Why Am I So Effective?

As an architect, I problem solve. I can see possibilities that no one else can. I can see solutions where others cannot.  I can connect dots and make them seem achievable for you. I can take thoughts and make them real, something tangible you can touch. Anything is possible if you can figure out how to do it. I can by using my abilities to access solutions that exist in energetic forms.

Joyce is truly a sane psychic. She hones in on what you need to hear and delivers it with impeccable clarity. She does not judge your choices, she is able to disseminate both sides to every situation. I just love her!! Thank you I will follow up with you on the love energy – he came home just after we spoke and I’ve already noticed a difference! ~Lenora

I work by observing. Since I see energy, and information is energy, I see information in its most energetic form: swirling particles and gases that congeal. It has color, texture and form. It has levels of intensity. I see images and places, like photographs in an album. Sometimes I see movies and words as if they were on a screen in front of me. Sound is energy, so I hear things. There are footsteps, bangs and bumps on the walls. I get tactile connections with spirits, too. They tap me and poke me to get my attention.

In some ways, I am a human satellite dish. And I have learned skills to translate what I pick up into information you can filter through for yourself. The information is simply “out there.” Because of my teaching expertise, I can take very complex issues, break them down to their components, and layer the information in clear, easy terms for clients to understand.

People call psychics when they are at a very low, desperate point in their lives. They fear things will not work out positively for them. They fear the future. They fear the unknown. People come to see me because of the frightening nature of the unknown in their lives. I calm their fears. I use my abilities to put a soothing balm on their worries.

Services & Fees:
Perspective Readings
30 Minutes = $90
60 Minutes = $180
90 Minutes = $270

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