Email Forecasts

Business Intuitive Readings – 55.00
This insightful and powerful business reading seamlessly blends the best of both worlds: intuivie and psychic information blended with best business practices. The information provided will answer your specific business or career questions and provide real steps for you to take to move it forward.  Psychic information is complemented with Tarot and Oracle cards for real guidance from the other side.



Angel Oracle Card Readings – 50.00
The angels speak in these positive, gentle yet accurate and detailed forecasts. These readings are rich with symbolism and images of angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies and mermaids.


Celtic Tarot Readings – 45.00
This powerful reading looks deep into primal forces at work in your life. Through the use of a Celtic “Bow Spread” the wisdom of your ancestors will assist you in understanding your life today.


Shamanic Spirit Readings – 40.00
Using the power of your spirit ancestors and power animals, the elements of your past speak to you through shamanic images.  Wishes and dreams in your life along with past life influences on them are highlighted in this exciting reading.



Shaman Stone Readings – 35.00
Huna (Hawaiian) shaman stones can shed amazing light on current life issues. Positive and uplifting, this reading with seven shaman stones show future influences and outcomes with specific details and actions for you to take to see results.



Monthly Forecasts – 30.00
Pendulums, cards and crystals shed insight into the coming 30 days for you. All life issues can be covered as well as specific questions. This reading lets you move through blocks, anticipated and those unseen, for ease though your next 30 days.