Hi Joyce, I wanted to say thank for the session. I just wanted to share with you that I got confirmation from my father last night about everything you said and saw. I was able to hear him and not see him but you were right on that he was confused when he died and hasn’t realized that he crossed over. Also, I had a dream that it was really easy in my dream to ask for help when I got stuck. As well as when someone betrayed my boundaries and watched and felt them but didn’t react and just noticed. All 3 parts of my dreams allowed me to assist clients today. I know you don’t need confirmation but do know it’s nice to get validation every now and then!

Working through her spirit guide Morgana, Joyce connects with loved ones and spirits of those that have crossed over from this life.

Dear Joyce, Thank you for the other day. The information you provided through my Father was life changing for me!  I had never known what happened and why he left until we talked. A life-long burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel free for the first time. Thank you, you are a truely gifted medium!

With her compassion and warmth, she assists clients in understanding that death is not a final end to our connections to loved ones. If you have questions about someone in your life that touches on:

  • Loss
  • Grief
  • Events
  • Visitations
  • Dreams

A soothing session with Joyce will answer many of your questions and uncertainties with discreet and calming information.


Services and Fees

Mediumship Sessions
60 Minutes = $180
90 Minutes = $270

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