Spiritual Journeys

Joyce is an expert guide, advisor, and mentor that leads groups or individuals on life altering spiritual journeys.  She combines her decades of outdoor camping, trekking, and world travel skills, with her abilities, to provide you a warm, safe environment in which to discover and expand your connection with your Higher Self.

I booked a private, 3 day Breakthrough Journey with Joyce to Mount Shasta. I have been feeling stuck for a while and was seeking a breakthrough. I went in without any preconceived notions and expectations. Good God, did I receive a breakthrough!! One of the most amazing moments of my life. Joyce was amazing, while she was there every step of the way, she let me be and let me experience MY journey. The private trip allowed me to ask her all the questions I needed to and obtain her amazing insight and wisdom. The love and passion in which she takes you to Mount Shasta is uplifting and an extremely memorable journey. On the way back home, I saw a sign that said “you should come with a warning!”. This is so appropriate for any journey with Joyce! She takes you on this journey with a lot of laughter, tears and love…………… P.B.


Spiritual Wisdom Journeys

2015 Mt. Shasta Journeys

3 Day Breakthrough Journey  July 10-12
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5 Day Transformation Journey August 10-14
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3 Day Breakthrough Journey 18-20
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2015 Mt. Diablo Journeys

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2015 Utah Journeys

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Ancient Wisdom Journeys

2015 Machu Picchu Journey

7 Day Ancient Wisdom Journey May 15-22
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2016 Stonehenge Journey

2016 Hawaiian Huna Journey