Ancient Wisdom Journeys



The Ancient Wisdom Journeys are carefully designed and supported by Spirit to transform you on every level of your being, body, mind, and spirit.

These are Journeys that will take you out of your human limitations, for a short period of time, so you actually experience your true nature, that of a radiant being of light. It is a journey to the other side via the energies inherent to our planet, by often ignored and unnoticed.  It’s a journey to your highest vibrational state.

Unlike shamanic journeys, where your soul leaves your body, our Wisdom Journeys teach you how to live and travel on this plane in partnership with your soul. The energies radiating from the sites shift your awareness just by sitting in them, and alter your chemistry. You internal energy centers are activated and realigned with that of the planet and the cosmos with our meditations, ceremonies, and rituals you engage in with our Wisdom Team.

We Work with You Before, During and After Your Trip.

The change in you is significant on our Ancient Wisdom Journeys.

Journeys are designed by the Ancients who populated this planet long before you. Through their connection to Spirit, they lived their lives in the purest form. That is, one with the Creator. Through the energy and communication of their knowledge and civilizations, these Journeys put you in touch with that wisdom and their incredible connection to the cosmos.

 Your Guides on the trip are knowledgeable in the history of the civilizations such as the Inca at Machu Picchu, the Hawaiians at Haleakala, the Druids at Stonehenge, and the Egyptians at the Pyramids.

These are Sacred Journey into the Ancient Wisdom of wise and advanced civilizations and all they knew, before modern life. All are remarkable cultures and you will become part of them on an Ancient Wisdom Journey.

The degree to which you experience what is happening to you on the Wisdom Journey depends on the you.  Setting intentions with you Wisdom Team prior to travelling is critical in fulfilling your successful and personal Journey experience.  Working with your personally assigned Wisdom Team member after the Journey is crucial in assimilating the attunements and changes you receive.

Some people experience with their body their spirit in full blown metaphorical Technicolor with visual, audial and tactile interactions with spirits and energies.   Some people will experience their journey with a couple of their senses.  Some journeyers experience nothing visual they may have more of a knowing of where they are and the spirits around them.

The senses that are predominant in an individual’s daily life may not be those which are strongest when journeying.  In some cases it can be difficult for the journeyer to accept what they are experiencing is real or valid because it does not have a visual component, or because it is different to the sensory way they experience their daily life.  This is where we are the strongest in our uniqueness.  Our Wisdom Team helps you with your personal experience.

On our trips, a journeyer will often see unexpectedly powerful results over time, and in some cases immediately.  We bring results.  You Journey experience is personal, and tailored to you by the Wisdom Team.

In experiencing your true nature free of the encumbrances of everyday life, you find ways in which to be in that true spirit in your life, in new, empowering ways upon returning home.

You literally journey with your soul to one of its places of origin. You become whole again. In experiencing that oneness, you are then prepared to return to your human existence in a new way.

Can I Change on a Wisdom Journey?

Benefiting from a Wisdom Journey is a skill that you possess innately.  It is something your spirit already knows how to do, but just need reminding of.  There are no instructions, just a relaxed intention of making a breakthrough or changing something significant in your life.

Taking a Wisdom Journey is a spiritual and exploration tool which can help you with personal and spiritual growth.  For those who may be interested in a Wisdom  Journey, click the following links.

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