Mt. Shasta


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My Mt. Shasta experience was profound…came out of it with a new understanding of life and purpose. I was blessed to be surrounded by the wisdom, strength, and beauty of women that were also on a journey. My gift in return is to make a difference. Thank you.
~Alexis J.

Oh, my Gosh! I can’t remember when I had this much fun on a trip. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! The awareness, energies and personal answers I received were more than I hope for before the trip even began. Thank you Joyce for providing me the experience I needed to move my life forward and into my future.
~Susana V.

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Thank you for so many rich and wonderful experiences. I feel truly blessed by you and all the gals who shared . Happy to have been part of it all. Driving home we were quietly processing ….stuck happily in that sweet silence for a couple of hours. Heart felt thanks to you for all that you did to make our memories so interesting and satisfying.
Kind regards
~Joyful Joanie


Just got back from Mount Shasta~!!! Jesus, Mary, and Joesph!!! Thank you Ms. Joyce M Jackson for twisting my arm! Had amazing healings, found guides I didn’t even know I had, and reach another level of my gifts, my magik and my knowledge of who I am as a witch, healer and fellow creature of this planet! Gotta love magik!!!! Ashe!!! ~Luna Pantera Tarot Master, Witch, Healer

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Discover and Reveal Who You Really Are

  • Are you ready to deeply reveal who you are and why you’re here at this time and place?
  • Are you ready to fully energetically charge yourself in body, mind, and spirit?
  • Are you ready to move out of fear and confusion into confidence and clarity?

If you are, please join Joyce in a three day Mount Shasta for a guided spiritual journey.

Mount Shasta is a magical place.  The pure energy this mountain radiates makes it easy to connect with your deepest essence and to remember your true purpose. You’ll visit sacred sites that few visitors ever discover and be supported in receiving the wondrous gifts Mt. Shasta has for you.

Joyce will guide you in letting go of old fears and limitations and open you to the incredible love and wisdom that’s within you.  You will receive a clear vision for the next chapter of your life.  You’ll return home with:

  • direct access to your heart’s wisdom to guide you day-to-day
  • practical tools that energize you to thrive in every way possible – physically, emotionally,  financially & spiritually!
  • a greater sense of ease and flow in your life, creating greater results with less effort.

Take a transformational Journey to the next level of your spiritual path at the energetic spots at Mt. Shasta.  This is a customized Mount Shasta spiritual tour and retreat just for you.

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Private Groups and bookings welcome – trips are customizable