The Ascension Journey

4 Days That Electrify Your Spirit

  • Need a challenge?
  • Looking for a significant answer?
  • Searching for a moment of personal, emotional and spiritual brilliance?

The four day Ascension Journey is just for you!

This rugged Journey is custom crafted to bring you face to face with Source for your answers and awareness’s. The trip is scheduled July and August, while summer bathes the summit of Mt. Shasta. It occurs over a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday sequence, departing for Mt. Shasta early Thursday morning, returning early Sunday evening. This very unique experience includes a two day, one night camping, at the top of the mountain itself. There is a one day hike up the mountain, an overnight camping experience at the top, and a one day hike down.

Participants are required to be in excellent health to embark upon this journey.

Call Joyce directly to reserve your spot at 510-719-1463.



The Headwaters of the Sacramento River

best psychic in san franciscoThe Mt. Shasta City Park is the site for the headwaters of California’s Sacramento River. Even in the driest years, waters from this plentiful spring gush endlessly from a mossy rock face. The water is pure and safe to drink right out of the spring.

As some stories have it, the ancient second city of Lemuria, Telos, is buried within Mt. Shasta.  Encased in a volcanic eruption, the city, its inhabitants and some of its energies, fuel Mt. Shasta. It is said the well spring of Telos bubbles to the surface and emerges as the Headwaters of the Sacramento River. The fresh water is cold, clear, medicinal and healing. The waters have been compared in healing abilities with that of Lourdes. With focus and intent, this site  begins a clearing process.


Bunny Flat Trail to Mt. Shasta Summit

best psychic in san franciscoThis trail requires participants to carry their own overnight camping gear to the summit. Altitude begin at +7,000 feet and ends at +14,000. Snow and ice conditions vary as do temperatures. Along it. Overnight at the top with no city light interference allows you to view the universe in significant ways, both visually and spiritually. Being bathed by the sacred energy of the mountain for two days is a life altering experience.


Lower Falls
best psychic in san franciscoLower Falls is a calming gentle, soft energy that bathes you in its sweet caress. After a long day, this is the perfect site to soak up energy, meditate and receive the messages from spirit you seek.



1 person
$2295.00 USD

2-4 people
995.00 USD per person

5-8 people
$895.00 USD per person

8 people or More
$795.00 USD per person