The Breakthrough Journey

3 Days That Will Change Your Life

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Keep repeating the same patterns?
  • Searching for your aha moment?



2015 Mt. Shasta Journeys

3 Day Breakthrough Journey  July 10-12

3 Day Breakthrough Journey September 18-20

Private Journeys Upon Request, Call Joyce Directly at 510-719-1463

The three day Breakthrough Journey is just for you!

I booked a private, 3 day Breakthrough Journey with Joyce to Mount Shasta. I have been feeling stuck for a while and was seeking a breakthrough. I went in without any preconceived notions and expectations. Good God, did I receive a breakthrough!! One of the most amazing moments of my life. Joyce was amazing, while she was there every step of the way, she let me be and let me experience MY journey. The private trip allowed me to ask her all the questions I needed to and obtain her amazing insight and wisdom. The love and passion in which she takes you to Mount Shasta is uplifting and an extremely memorable journey. On the way back home, I saw a sign that said “you should come with a warning!”. This is so appropriate for any journey with Joyce! She takes you on this journey with a lot of laughter, tears and love…………… P.B.

This Journey is carefully designed to clear, cleanse and drop the rust you call blocks, and prepare you to step into your authentic spiritual nature in a more significant way.  Seven energy sites are sequenced in such a way to create the breakthrough you are searching for. The trip is scheduled twice a year in group form in late May and September. It occurs over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday sequence, departing for Mt. Shasta early Friday morning, returning earl;y Sunday evening. While the sites are remote, there is no hiking or intense physical exertion. Accommodation is by camping in either individual tents or custom cabins.

Call Joyce directly to reserve your spot at 510-719-1463.


The Headwaters of the Sacramento River

best psychic in san franciscoThe Mt. Shasta City Park is the site for the headwaters of California’s Sacramento River. Even in the driest years, waters from this plentiful spring gush endlessly from a mossy rock face. The water is pure and safe to drink right out of the spring.

As some stories have it, the ancient second city of Lemuria, Telos, is buried within Mt. Shasta.  Encased in a volcanic eruption, the city, its inhabitants and some of its energies, fuel Mt. Shasta. It is said the well spring of Telos bubbles to the surface and emerges as the Headwaters of the Sacramento River. The fresh water is cold, clear, medicinal and healing. The waters have been compared in healing abilities with that of Lourdes. With focus and intent, this site  begins a clearing process.

Panther Meadow
mt shasta journeysPanther Meadow is a sacred Native American site towards the top of the mountain. It is inhabited by many spirits, and with the proper blessings, can unite you with a special spirit guide for your entire Journey to Shasta.


Forest of Fear
mt shasta journeysThe Forest of Fear is a pine stand growing fearlessly in the alkaline soil of a volcanic pumice flow. The light colored soil is like a poultice and in sitting in the area your blocks are pulled out of you by it and the trees. It assists you in releasing your fears and limitations.


Glass Mountain
mt shasta journeysGlass Mountain covers 4210 acres with black volcanic glass, called obsidian. The obsidian is grounding and cleansing as it pulls issue and negative aspects of you down into its calming energy. Its powerful significance on the planet, in traditions and in the Native American culture surrounding this site is significant and life changing.


Medicine Lake
182The area that Medicine Lake is in is one of the most unique geological areas of North America.  The water in Medicine Lake is a powerful healing force. In sitting in it you can actually feel the “goop” being pulled out of your energy field, body and mind.


Jot Dean Cave
190Jot Dean Cave is a very sacred place. It has been used for rituals and spiritual practices for centuries. It is also an ice cave. It is the first of the energetic charging sites. Many people have significant messages and breakthroughs at this locale after one and a half days of cleansing sites.


Lower Falls
best psychic in san franciscoLower Falls is a calming gentle, soft energy that bathes you in its sweet caress. After a long day, this is the perfect site to soak up energy, meditate and receive the messages from spirit you seek.


Mt. Shasta
mt shasta journeysThis why you come here. On the morning of the third day, you travel to the top of the mountain and experience it’s energy. You go home changed forever.


1 person
$1895.00 USD

2-4 people
895.00 USD per person

5-8 people
$695.00 USD per person

8 people or More
$595.00 USD per person