Tapping Into Your Intuition Is Easy

best psychic san franciscoYou can tap into your own internal guidance system, your intuition, in any area of your life, quite easily.  You are simply going to add in what you sense and feel as an additional source of information. You learn how to do this as if you were taking a course: take the everyday mechanics of your life and begin to add in intuition one area at a time: yourself, family, work, friendships, communication, priorities, and spirituality.

You can pick any area and in no particular order to begin working with intuition. All that matters is that you are willing to learn to use your internal guidance as an additional source of information for guiding your life and daily decisions.


This is the easiest area in which to begin to work with your intuition. It’s a good starting point so that experimenting with yourself will feel safer than putting yourself “out there” for other’s scrutiny before you are ready. Use these three easy guidelines and steps:

1.  Believe in your intuitive abilities.

There is no secret to starting to tap your intuitive faucet. Intuition comes from two sources: your instincts and your experiences. Your instincts are part of you but your experiences are gathered and stored in your memory from your journey. Your intuition is a message from your subconscious coming using your storehouse of information gathered by your 5 senses. You’ve already spent your whole life building and refining your intuition, so now you are just going to tap into it at will.  And by doing so, it can be increased further by refining and increasing your personal database of information. The place to start is believing it is there.

2.  Observe.

Observation is critically important when building your intuition. You encode the information with your 5 senses and when you use your skills of deductive reasoning, it further helps redefine your intuition. The two work together to build your confidence in your intuition. Your observation is heightened when you take yourself out of the experience and simply watch and  listen. It’s a brain enriching state used for developing intuition. Your deductive reasoning is also heightened with focused observation.

3. Use your Curiosity.

Curiosity is unbiased emotion, one that’s great for developing valuable insight. It’s also a motivator for attention, observation, and reasoning. Develop your curiosity, and you’ll refine a trust worthy intuition, unbiased by emotion. Honed curiosity never ends and you’ll find yourself always searching for answers, experiencing new things, and building an excellent intuition.


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