The SANE Difference

What is the SANE difference? Calm, soothing, clear answers and guidance within a crazy psychic world.

Intelligent    Professional    Educated     Ethical

Calm       Soothing      Insightful

The Real Deal

My part of the psychic world is the Sane Side: practical steps and tools from Spirit that can be used in Real Steps to improve your life. I take the woo-woo stuff and bring it down to earth. I cut through the metaphysical-isms to offer you real steps to take, real tools to use, and solutions for your issues. ~Joyce M. Jackson


Talk with one of the leading, trusted sources of guidance and inspiration, Joyce M. Jackson, The Sane Psychic, Your Guide on the SANE Side, a San Francisco Bay Area based psychic medium, shamanic practitioner,  energy master, radio talk show host, and #1 international best selling author.

Discuss the most intimate questions you have with a calm, insightful professional, who lives in the same world you do. Come work on the Sane Side of your spiritual path where improving your life is fun, exciting, positive, and filled with results from Joyce’s illuminating and visionary solutions. No magic dust, no crystal balls, just trusted, calm guidance to use in the best way you see fit.

I call it the Sane Side of the crazy psychic world. Come join me in it. It’s the Sane Difference. ~Joyce M. Jackson

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