Rose Is A Spectacular Color!

Have you ever been accused of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses?  Well, then, good for you!  I like them, myself, and wear a pair regularly. It is how I choose to see the world.  I think a healthy, rosy glow makes things happen for the better in life.Somehow, the notion of seeing life through grey colored lenses (the opposite of rosy) is as appealing to me as brussel sprouts. Looking at the world through the eyes of someone who chooses to see the glass half empty (grey) rather than half full or overflowing (rosy) is not my idea of living life to the fullest.  These people tend to hide behind being realistic or practical, tempered with an angle on tragedy, like a news outlet. They have a rather grey appearance and feel to them and that is definitely not my favorite color.  People, groups, or organizations that make their money capitalizing on fear, drama, misfortune and tragedy are ones I want no part of.  On the other hand, movies, music, people, and books that inspire, evoke optimism and show the world through rose-colored glasses I am definitely drawn to.Even if it is challenging to live optimistically all the time, we all need a kind of rose colored boost from time to time, especially when our lives feel a little heavy.  Think of it as a rosy shot of B12 for your spirit you can take whenever you need one. Even those of us that live with a positive attitude daily can use an extra dose of rosy now and then.A rosy glow is a fancy way of saying “positive attitude”. Forget the Law of Attraction, there is no magic here:  feeling good and seeing the best in things, is good positive energy and it attracts more positive energy to it. Expecting good things bring good things. Expecting good people in your life brings good people in your life.  It works in exactly the same way in that when a person laughs, laughter is contagious. Others in the vicinity will smile and start to laugh as well.Want more proof? Think about when you are in the grocery store. When your cashier is pleasant, bright  and smiling, you feel for the brief moment just a little lighter and brighter, perhaps less stressed.  Do you feel a little more calm, too? What you are feeling is how positive energy flows. Their positive attitude flows to you and you feel it.  On the other hand, have you ever checked out from the grocery store with someone who is rude, tired and yawning? Did you notice how you felt? Do you notice how you feel even reading about this?A rosy glow can take you wherever it is you want to go in life. It can on the rough days, leave you completely at peace because you know you’ll be fine no matter what storm swirls around you. Your outlook on life is positive, hopeful, and therefore you are positive and hopeful. On the grey side you have a negative attitude which is like a virus: it spreads quickly, spreads to others, and leaves even the strongest of people feeling weak, drained, hopeless, angry, and afraid.The positive person will see the “glass half full.” The negative person will see “the glass half empty.” You have probably heard these phrases before but do you understand what they fully mean. What they mean is that the negative person will always be (unknowingly) looking to fail, and when failure comes (which it almost always does) they can say that they knew it would and that nothing good ever happens to them.On the other hand, the positive person will always be looking to succeed, and when success comes (which is almost always does) they can say that they knew it would and that good things do happen.  Seeing through rose colored glasses can be a beautiful thing!