Joyce is an Evidential Medium

Thank you very much for the session yesterday. You offered me peace and comfort as you connected with my husband and mother. It really brought me a lot of healing. Thank you, I hope to come by again sometime.
~ Vern J.

My Purpose in Relation to Your Soul and the Souls Around You

Mediumship Service

Professional Psychic Mediumship Services

The purpose in connecting with you and your loved one is twofold. One, to demonstrate life, our souls, are eternal. And two, to bring healing to loss and grief.

As an evidential medium, I communicate with spirits that include wise beings, souls of people who have passed, spirit guides, and masters in higher states of consciousness. My purpose is to share the loving messages of these spirits with you.

Mediumship sessions are an interactive, divinely blessed conversation with those loved ones who have passed.

I see, feel, and hear them. They gesture, move about, and show me special things about you. For this to happen effectively, I hold sacred energy with the souls in a triangle of you, your loved ones, and myself.

With compassion and warmth, I help with situations about someone in your life that has transitioned across the veil which touches upon:

  • Loss
  • Grief
  • Personal Events
  • Visitations
  • Phenomena and Messages
  • Dreams

A soothing session with me will answer many of your questions and uncertainties with discreet and calming information.

Click Here to download information on what to expect in a Mediumship Session.

Direct Information from Across the Veil

Psychic mediumshipIn addition to the daily messages from her Spirit Guides, Joyce gets downloads of information from the Souls that have crossed over to the other side.  Joyce shares these messages with you in a mediumship session from those souls who show up with healing messages for you. You can receive messages and information about mediumship by subscribing to Joyce’s newsletter Here. Book your session today by clicking the button below.