What Clients Say about Joyce


“After several weeks vetting potential intuitives, I chose Joyce because of her credibility. Her intuitive gift is remarkable and she provides solid guidance with every insight. As someone who began the process as an extreme skeptic (and not particularly spiritual), I can say Joyce changed my life. You will not be able to find someone else as gifted and grounded as Joyce.” ~ Frank A.


“My heart was on the floor before I talked to Joyce. She gently picked it up with her words, and in detail unfolded the last 7 months of my life to a ‘T’. I am stunned. The sensitivity poured out and I didn’t feel anything but respected during a very difficult reading of the heart. She knew each word to say and picked up my spirit with her kindness and exactness of the situation. I am so grateful I chatted with her. I am thankful for her gifts and wisdom. She helped me into a new phase of transition and the depth of her words will not be forgotten. Thank you so very much.”

~ Lisa L.

Home Services

“Our house was haunted. Both being skeptical of the super natural, I didn’t even consider a ghost as a possible explanation. I explained it away as something to do with the age of our house. Joyce changed my life and made our house habitable. Her work is incredible. She is the only person I would recommend for something like this.”

~ Nathan H.


“Dear Joyce, Thank you for the other day. The information you provided through my Father was life changing for me! I had never known what happened and why he left until we talked. A life-long burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel free for the first time. Thank you, you are a truly gifted medium!”

~ Armie A.


“My work with Joyce M. Jackson has been consistently compassionate, perceptive, targeted, efficient and life-changing. Joyce stands out among the hypnotherapists I have consulted for her ability to reach both the rational mind and the unconscious, and to draw usable connections between what I recalled under hypnosis and ongoing patterns in my current life. She deftly guided me through rewriting limiting conclusions I had drawn as a child into positive, expansive and supportive choices. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

~ Kathy B.

Past Life Regression

“I would like to acknowledge Joyce M. Jackson because she has helped me so much! I’ve been quite whacked out due to seemingly unending insomnia with this pregnancy–7 months of really bad sleep was making me all kinds of crazy (understatement). When I would finally fall asleep, I would have nightmares and wake up screaming. It totally totally totally sucked!! I saw Joyce for some past life regression to heal those traumatic images and experiences I was struggling to move past. She’s also trained in hypnotherapy and wove in suggestions for deep, restful sleep. She also did some chakra clearing. I’m happy to report that I have been sleeping and having good dreams : -) She is an absolute powerhouse and I recommend her services for anything that you would like some support with changing. She is so down to earth and an amazing resource for all of us. She’s amazing!”

~ Janna H.

Spiritual Wisdom Journeys

“Oh, my Gosh! I can’t remember when I had this much fun on a trip. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! The awareness, energies and personal answers I received were more than I hope for before the trip even began. Thank you Joyce for providing me the experience I needed to move my life forward and into my future.”

~ Susana V.

Intuitive Readings

“I’ve had so many readings that I have lost count. I’ve spent a fortune on them as well, LOL. But, I have NEVER had my situations explained to me like Joyce did. The depth, the connecting the dots, the beneath the surface issues. Holy Moly! For the first time in my life I have things I can do, steps to take, to change things I need to change. Thank you for your gifts. I shall be back, and more than once! “

~ Tracie H.


“Thank you for being patient in teaching me how to develop my empathy and intuition. The lessons, discussions and real world experience are so much better than an online course or weekend seminar.  I especially enjoyed the remote viewing techniques and the ‘secret envelope image’ games we played. I highly recommend for anyone interested in developing the intuitive side of their life to connect with you!”

~Chris R.