Changing The Dating Dead End: Time for a Tune Up

How long have you been searching for your soulmate?  How long have you been out there meeting people while looking for that fabulous relationship? How many psychic readings have you had over the years that said Mr. Right is just a few months away and he is still not here?Many of us feel like we are at a dating dead end.  Many of us are. Some have even been waiting years for the right person to come along. What might even be more frustrating is that you are out there, meeting people and going through them like water without anyone being that one special person.  Frustration, anger, loneliness and even thoughts of being alone the rest of your life creep in.Stop!If this is you, it’s time out time.  If you have been searching in vain for a long time, meeting people, being out there, with no results, then consider the fact that it is really nothing amiss in the external world.  Consider, it just might be something amiss in the internal world, something inside of you that may need to be adjusted.It might be time for an internal chiropractic visit. Step back. Take a break from dating.  You may not understand it, but whatever it is you are doing is not working . The most recognized definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again with the expectation of creating a different result.  Stop dating for a bit and break the cycle.Think of this dating down time like it is a visit to a chiropractor.  Spend some time inside and get an internal adjustment, get a tune up.   Something needs to be realigned in order for you to be successful in your search for the perfect partner.  When things do not flow or happen it indicates something is amiss and the one common denominator is you.  Sometimes, it’s challenging to think it is you but you can make an adjustment that makes all the difference.When it is time to get a relaxing re-adjustment internally, try one of these to get centered and re-aligned:

  1. Take a break from dating. Whether it’s a few weeks or a few months, step back, take a break and let it go for a while.  Mentally relax and take a break from searching, wanting and wondering if they are really there and when they are coming.
  2. Center yourself with some pampering. When  you are out there searching, dating, attracting and working at meeting someone the focus is always on the search,  the work, on finding them and it is exhausting. When that happens, you are the one person ignored in the process. Stop, relax and do something over the days and weeks to pamper and focus yourself, the one person that’s been ignored in the entire process.  Go get a chocolate cake and eat it all in one sitting.  Buy an expensive bottle of wine and enjoy it on a quiet evening all by yourself.  Get a full manicure and pedicure.  Whatever it is, do it for yourself, do it often, and watch as it aids in re-centering and balancing you, your energy and your spirit.
  3. Go inside. Once you feel centered again, go inside. Whether it is with a guide, an advisor, a healer, good friend or by yourself, go inside and ask yourself, “What one small thing can I adjust to change the results I am getting dating?”  Ask yourself questions.  Explore.  Listen to your heart.  What is the one common denominator that is working? What is one tiny little thing that is not working that you can throw out or change?

The clarity and answer will come.  Take your time.  Enjoy yourself in the process. And, when ready, head back out to explore and bring to you your relationship with a newly aligned energy, purpose and you.