Who Are You?

The spiritual nature of our relationship plays heavily in our lives. I hear so many clients tell me that their significant other is a soulmate or twin flame.  Most often clients ask:

  • Are they my soulmate?
  • What are twin flames?
  • What are Karmic connections?
  • Are we supposed to be together?
  • What does destiny have to do with my relationship?

Most of the time, our definitions of these terms are based upon what the media or Hollywood movies tell us they are.  If we understand the spiritual nature of what these really are, we can easily negotiate our way through them using the energy that is behind and all around them.SoulmatesSoulmates have past life connections. They have crossed paths with each other in previous lifetimes and the memories of those lifetimes are carried forward to today. This connections are quick, easy and has a very familiar feel to knowing the other person because a lot of the “sixth sense” knowing kicks in as part of energetically recognizing who the other person is. They can be very intense connections and while they can love connections, are not always. Soulmates can be family, pets or friends, too. Most importantly, soulmate connections do not always imply easy, romantic, partner-for-life destinies together. They can be a lot of work as growth opportunities for both people.Twin FlamesTwin flames are parts of our energy or soul that were split off from us in a past lifetime. We spend time searching for that part of us that was split off to gain it back. If or when we do meet our twin flame we work very hard to reclaim our energy.  These are typically very difficult or traumatic relationships and if either partner is not highly evolved spiritually, they rarely work out. They can actually be very challenging.Karmic ConnectionsKarmic connections are with people we have also crossed paths with before.  The connections is sensed easily and early and someone how we feel like we have known this person before.  These connections are not always “meant to be” nor are we destined to stay a lifetime in a relationship with a karmic individual.  IT can be a simple crossing of paths for an impactful conversation to a deep long term relationship. It can be a friend, romantic interest, family member or stranger that we encounter a karmic individual.If we understand the type of connection we encounter, we can fold into it easily, gently and let it flow through its intended purpose and course. It is when we mistake the connection for “destiny” or “meant to be” regardless of the other individuals behaviors or human fears, is when we get into trouble.  Relax, ask for inner guidance, enjoy the other person for who they are as they cross your path, resist the idea of trying to change them to who you want them to be, and move through your experience with love, insight and the ability to grow positively from it.