Reiki Oakland

reiki oaklandExperiencing reiki in Oakland means you may be riding a rising tide of energy as it gains momentum. When it first started in Japan, reiki was simply a method of healing. The founder, Usui Sensei, improved a patient’s life force by laying of hands, and he did it without asking for any kind of payment. Nevertheless, as time progressed and more people practiced and demanded for it, reiki has now become one of the most thriving alternative medicine practices and businesses in the country. In fact, reiki in Oakland is growing with leaps and bounds.Being complementary, integrative, or holistic, however, doesn’t make experiencing reiki in Oakland immune to certain laws and restrictions. Of course, as expected, violations to the provisions can also result not only to penalties but also to imprisonment and damage to reputation.Whether you’re a patient or practitioner, the first thing you have to know about reiki in Oakland is that it’s unregulated. This means that there’s no government board that oversees the practice and that anyone can become a practitioner or a master, depending on the courses he or she has completed. There’s also no exam and therefore no authoritative license or certificate, although there are already several organizations in the state that try to create standards. The bottom line is that one doesn’t have to be licensed to practice reiki in Oakland.This can be both good and bad. It’s a dangerous idea since the industry or the practice can be infiltrated by people with malicious agenda, putting the patient’s well-being at risk. To greatly reduce this, the State of California now compels all reiki practitioners and masters to disclose their non-license, especially in their ads. On the other hand, as this might hurt their profession, some clinics or training centers of reiki in Oakland reword their ads to “Reiki doesn’t require a California license.”There’s also the disclosure agreement. It’s not sufficient that the reiki practitioner verbally tells the patient about what it is; he or she needs to put that in writing. He or she must disclose everything about reiki, including the process, and the patient must agree to all the points before he or she can seek healing.Reiki practitioners are not immune to lawsuits including malpractice. Fortunately, they can already secure a malpractice insurance policy with a premium of a little over a thousand dollars with more than a million coverage. The best form of defense, needless to say, is to study both the local, state, and federal law.