Not a Free Reading Psychic

Why would a psychic give a free reading?I have no idea. But, I don’t.One, I know that many believe a psychic, because they are in a service arena, and because they can help people, should offer free advice. They confuse service with servitude. I’m not a free reading psychic.Two, you get what you pay for. Most accomplished, the best psychics, will not give free readings. Some may do so for a viable trade. But none should be expected to do so for any reason. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to go to work and put in your hours and expect not to be paid for it. If you’re a CPA, would you do my tax return for free? If you were a doctor, would you examine me for free?I get telephone calls periodically from strangers who request a free question. They want to test drive the psychic and get a free reading under the disguise of wanting a guarantee their money would be well spent. Okay! And I want to sample a gourmet meal and then decide if I’ll order and pay for all of it.Wanting a free reading from a psychic is not unlike seeking free medical advice from a trained medical professional. It’s just that the metaphysical arena is unregulated, It’s easy to confuse those without scruples that give us a black eye, with giving away freebies.The best advisors have years of training, both metaphysical and interpersonal, along with counseling and behavioral assessment skills. They combine education and experience with their abilities and are no different that highly educated professionals.Three, free advice is always ignored. You listen to know one. Not your spouse, friends, neighbors or co-workers. You make up your own mind. The best advice falls fallow while the free advice, even if its accurate, blows by you like the wind. Free has no value in our society. If someone offers you a free psychic reading, run the other way.