You should be happy, comfortable, and feel safe where you live. Joyce provides spiritual home services for your house, cottage, or apartment to aid you in feeling relaxed and comfortable where you live.

Joyce offers four types of Home Services:

  • Kinetic Phenomena Investigations
  • House Cleansings
  • House Clearings
  • Spirit Agreements

Kinetic Phenomena

Things may be going on in your home that confound, amaze and even frighten the family. Lights flicker, TVs and radios turn on and off while someone appears to be knocking on the wall.

A home Phenomena Assessment will determine what is going on, and more importantly what you can do about it immediately. Issues covered in an assessment are:

The Situation: what is happening

  • Benign or malevolent
  • History of it
  • Techniques required to stop it
  • Your expectations and fears

House Cleansings

Whether you just moved or need to spring clean, a good energetic house cleansing can be the new roadmap for your personal journey.

Fresh energy flowing through a dwelling can leave your family feelings positive, light, and happy. Joyce will:

  • Clear the negative energy
  • Refresh your entry ways
  • Open channels to clear, clean energy
  • Remove pockets of stale, dense energy
  • Release obstacles to harmony
  • Flood in positive flows of white light

House Clearings

Are there things going on in your house or yard that are unpleasant, negative, frightening or destructive?

Joyce can clear your house of unwanted entities, spirits or energies. Joyce will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Make recommendations
  • Conduct the needed ceremonies
  • Clear your space
  • Introduce positive, supportive energies
  • Provide a clear, calm, quiet home environment

Spirit Agreements

Sometimes a Spirit comes with a house.

In other words, a Spirit attaches itself to a home. It may be the original owner that built it, or someone who lived in it that loves being there. They consider it their home and actually add energetic value to it.

Benevolent souls won’t harm you or your family. You can co-exist in harmony. Instead of frightening you, they can be negotiated with to mutually inhabit the home. Not all spirits need to be expelled.

  • Joyce can help you:
  • Communicate with them
  • Set boundaries
  • Set times of day for house access
  • Negotiate requests
  • Find peaceful cohabitation strategies