Where To Find True Love

If you look hard enough, you should be able to find anything, right? Then why is true love so elusive? By looking at some of our assumptions or myths about true love in a different light, we can see where we might be holding onto false assumptions. When you let go of those false assumptions, a new way of thinking emerges that will allow you to see this search for love in a different light.Myth #1: There is Only One True Love or Soulmate for Each PersonIf that is the case, then let’s all throw in the towel!   If we allow fate or destiny to guide us to our one true love, then we might be waiting forever. I beleive there are at least three soulmates or true loves for every person. Usually, your partner is connected to you through your soul group. These groups of people were with you in your previous life and play very specific roles in supporting you in your life now. We usually recognize these people instantly and feel a strong connection with them.Myth #2: I’ve Done Everything I Can to Find True LoveHave you really done everything you can? Have you gone out on every blind date? Went to every bar every night and talked to every single mate? No one can possibly do all that. So it’s time to readjust your perception of what you have done, what you can do and what you expect to be able to do. With a skewed view of reality, you might be missing opportunities.Myth #3: The DeadlineI’ve heard women say, “If I’m not married by 30, then I haven’t done something right.” I’m 39 and about to get married for the first time in a few months. I’ve been with this person, however, for almost eight years.”  The reality is, most of my friends who said the above statement have already divorced once, twice in some cases. I didn’t marry earlier simply because I wasn’t ready. At 30, I was still figuring out how many shoes I could buy and still be able to pay the rent. Soon after, I figured out what I really wanted: true love, not shoes. After I rearranged my priorities, there was true love waiting for me.  Yours can be there too, if you rearrange your priorities.