How to Attract, Create and Live with Lasting Love

As I get calls from clients, I see many of them are about love, or more specifically, lack of love. The relationship they have dreamed of is still not there or out of reach. “When will I find someone?” is asked as much as, “Is he coming back?” or, “Will he change?”It does not matter which question is asked as much as they are asked with a focus a on the other individual, the partner and what they are thinking, doing and feeling.  Relationships are difficult and romance elusive unless we take charge of our own love life.You can take charge and attract and create the loving relationship complete with romance if you do a few things. I find there are three things to do in order to bring these into your life quickly, easily.  First, get clear. Get clear on who and what you want. “I want love,” is not clear. “I want a relationship,” is not clear. Who, what, when where and how in detail is how to get clarity for yourself and make things happen. Use these three areas to get the answers and clarity you need to bring true love and romance into your life.1.It’s About YouIt’s not about them. The type of relationship you have or don’t have right now, is only about you. All relationships, all attracting, starts with you, focusing on yourself and your great qualities.  Attract someone to you by putting out there how fabulous you are.  Take a piece of paper and list your great qualities and what you can offer someone.Always remember who you are and what can you bring to the table for a relationship. This is not narcissism. This approach is an esteem booster that will actually make you more solid and attractive to your ideal mate. It enables you to become a magnet for someone, not the hunter looking for game.2.What do you really want?Time to pull out another piece of paper.  Write it down. Think it through. Do not ever leave this to chance!  Many times we simply focus on a body, on having a warm body, “someone” to be with.  Then, when they show up with all their faults and shortcomings, we are aghast at how they treat us.  Their negative behavior belies the fact that you did not do your homework and that you are in the hunt for anyone that will show up.Being discerning about attracting the right partner also means that you believe you deserve only the best partner in your life.  By applying a discerning eye, you will not only save yourself time, trials and tribulations but much heartache as well.  Let them come to you as you have clearly listed out and know what you really want in a partner.3.Why aren’t you getting it?This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself when you are frustrated with your love life.  Why haven’t you met someone?  or, is your ideal relationship possible with whom you are with?  Two different questions.  Two different answers.If you haven’t met someone, look at why not.  Where are you putting your energy? Are you sitting at home waiting for the doorbell to magically ring?  Are you in the correct social situations to meet the person you desire?  Are you open, optimistic and most importantly, in complete faith and trust you will meet your ideal mate?If your current relationship is less than you desire, can you have what you want with this person?  Answer this honestly.  And, look at yourself, not them.  Ninety nine point nine, nine percent of the time they will not change.  You must honestly assess them and you.  Pull out your pieces of paper, review, assess and be honest with yourself. By jettisoning current relationships that do not serve you in your highest energy and spirit, you actually open the door for the best to come through it.Having the romantic relationship you desire is not a matter of chance.  It comes into your life when you create it and go after it much in the same way you search for a job or a car.  It comes o you when you take charge of the process and know what you want, will not compromise from that, and do what is necessary to bring them into your life.