Claim Your Prosperity

In 2013, the energy of the Shift will offer you an opportunity to Claim Your Prosperity.Will you?After last year, the year of release, this is the year to adjust and create and enjoy the life you desire. Will you have the courage to claim your prosperity?Prosperity is a state of mind.  It is a general term for thriving and flourishing. It’s a global description made up of various different things such as health, wealth, happiness, love, family, fulfillment and more.  It is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and success in any area you want to define for yourself.  It differs for each of us.There is no trick or magic to being prosperous.1. Decide to be prosperous.Prosperity, and having it, is as simple as believing you deserve it and claiming it for yourself.  It is tied to self-image and self-esteem.  To have it, just simply claim it, “Prosperity is mine!”The universe is infinitely abundant. Claim your piece of what you want. Then, all you have to do is convince your subconscious you deserve it.  Once your subconscious believes it deserves it, prosperity floods in.  If there is doubt, so what, it happens. Don’t fret it.2. Define prosperity for yourself.The difference in types of prosperity is how we define it.  There are 7 billion of us on this planet and we define prosperity based upon what we think it is.  It is a fabulous quality about it, in that we get to pick and choose our own definitions of it and satisfy it for ourselves. For some it can mean financial wealth and social status, for others it can mean children and family, for some, it can mean a good crop.  The point is, we define it, and with that all types are equally important.3. Supercharge Your Intention.Add in some emotionally charged desire for what you want. Decide it is possible. Focus your energy on it because energy flows where attention goes.  A change in your “prosperity meter” can happen quickly, a matter of days, if you really focus on feeling prosperous.4. Take Action.What are you going to do differently?  You can wish and desire all you want but at some time, you must take action to get what you want. We have seven levels by which we can achieve what we desire.  All seven levels, especially when combined, will get you results much more  quickly.The seven levels of to realize prosperity are:1. AwarenessClaim it.It’s already here, you just have to start claiming it for you.2. Believe it.You have to change your belief about yourself. Do you really believe you deserve to be prosperous?Affirmations and visualizations.Support yourself throughout the day.3. Release the old.Bless what is not working and say goodbye to it.4. Desire it.You have to have strong desire for prosperity.Decide it’s possible for you.I am more than good enough for this!5. Metaphysically energize it.Meditate and live within it daily. Use all your senses to feel it around you.6. Change it.Take action. Make a plan. Follow it like a roadmap.7. Receive it.Gratitude.Enjoy it!Just because there is an obstacle does not mean you should not have it. Do not let resistances stop you. They are there to just let you know your subconscious has resistances to overcome.Contemplate prosperity. Keep it in your awareness constantly. Acknowledge it on every level. Identify with prosperous people. What will happen is circumstances will re-arrange themselves and things will start to happen real easy. This releases resistances.  And when you fully identify with it, you’ll have it, and without barely any awareness of it.