Our Relationship: Reflections in the Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best in this relationship at all?”Our relationships, whether it is with family, children or significant other, reflect where we are at in our lives.  Our romantic relationship reflects, like a highly polished mirror, not only ourselves but each other and where each is at, at any moment in our life.

  • Conflict?
  • Frustrated?
  • Angry?
  • Empty?

Is it really them? Or, are you looking for them to fill the void that is really inside you:  your lack of worthiness and low self esteem.OUCH!Most of the time, we fuel the energy of conflict ourselves from our deepest insecurities.  Like a fastball pitcher in baseball, we throw lightning strikes so that all our partner has to do is simply put the bat on the ball, simply react to us, so to speak.   If we were to throw a slow curve, the energy of conflict would dissolve very quickly, much like letting the air out of a balloon. But, how do we do this?Are they complaining about you all the time?  Are they putting unreasonable demands on you? Are you expected to do all the work to hold the relationship together? Do you sit and wait long periods of time just to hear from them when they get time and are ready to communicate?  It is not them, what is out of balance here, it is you.  How can you find out if you are out of balance in your relationship?  Look in your own mirror:1. Look at yourself.Understand yourself.  Know, that you are terrific as you are. Understand you are a fabulous spiritual being who is meant to be here and has chosen to come here in the life you have. Know and really feel energetically and spiritually that you are supported and loved for who you are.A great way to prove this to yourself and wrap your arms around yourself worth is to know your own unique gifts and talents.  List them out on a piece of paper.  If you know what they are, highlight them.  If you do not, take some time to reveal them.  Sit with them, breathe them in to your heart center and let them become a real part of you. Breathe out any resistance you may have to accepting them.2. Trust who you see in the mirror.Trust yourself.  Know that you can have it all!  Most of all of our issues within a relationship stem from the deep seated fear we have of being unworthy of having a fabulous relationship.3. Release your resistance.Ask yourself, “Where am I restricting or resisting my flow of love and energy?”   It is true that your relationship success is in your own hands, not that of your partner.The ways that you experience any relationship reflects how you’re relating to your own self and your idea of Source/God/Universe, even if we don’t believe in God.  For example, if you are experiencing a partner who’s untrustworthy, you may be attracting that into your life because a part of you isn’t trusting yourself. It’s usually an unconscious action and we put it there for a very good reason in our past. But we’ve simply outgrown it either through this lifetime or another. As soon as we step back into awareness, even by noticing the ways that we may not be trusting ourselves, or a partner to stay, things can shift. And if we’re willing, we can clear those patterns easily, gracefully and instantaneously if we choose.