Intentionally Attracting Love

We often think finding a romantic relationship is like rolling a pair of dice. We seem to think we have to put a backpack on, grab a compass and a flashlight, and set out for a long, arduous trek across a vast wasteland populated with goofs and less-than stellar companions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Finding romantic love is just like finding a job, buying new home or planning a vacation:  it’s a logical series of steps called intention, possibility and action.  And, there are some real things you can do to help you focus your energy on each of these steps for quick, amazing results.
1. Intention.Are you ready for a relationship? Are you ready to do what it takes to have one? Really? State that you are ready. Release you past.  Mentally relax and close the door on past relationships.  Take a release bath with soaking salts.  This can be sea salt, uncrossing salts or some soothing oils.  This simple act enhances your mental intention of releasing things in yourself you don’t need anymore.2. Possibility.In the right hand corner of you bedroom, standing from the entry door, set up a small altar. This can be a simple small table. Add a white and pink or red candle, perhaps a plant, and some romantic figures like a bride and groom. Light the candles each day for an hour (make sure they are safe to burn!) This simple altar enhances your energy, adds to your intention, and gives you something tangible to do each day so you can feel like you are driving this process. This helps you feel in charge of your life and what you want.3. ActionJoin a new group, go out and meet friends. Dress a new way. Change your hair slightly every three days for fifteen days (even a simple pink barrette will do).  Get out there. If online dating is not for you, find a new group with similar interests that you have and join them. Enjoy meeting everyone you can. The idea is to get out there in a fresh, new way and enjoy the process.  Let yourself be found.  Sitting at home waiting for someone to deliver your new relationship to you is not going to happen.
Finally, at the end of each day say, “Thank you for my fabulous, romantic relationship when it occurs!” This cuts through the fears of disbelief that it could ever happen like a razor. These little actions work miracles. They work because are all energy. Energy is thoughts. Thoughts make things happen. Life is what you think it is.  These simple little steps seem to miraculously work because they focus your thoughts (aka energy) on a daily basis towards your intention of having a romantic relationship. Results come quickly and easily, almost miraculously!