Empath Survival Skills

Those of us that are very sensitive to energies around us need to keep our energy for ourselves. Sometimes we focus too much on giving to others, including our energy. Sometimes we see hear or experience things that are negative and upsetting. In both cases we need to protect ourselves.There are lots of theories about psychic protection, dark energies and cleaning your aura. It does not matter what you believe in, what matters is that your intention is to eject from your energy and your psyche, the negative garbage you pick up from everyday life. It’s not just the negative people at work, it’s also the news, TV, radio and yes, the internet and your WIFI and DROID apps. It’s like a jungle of negative energy out there which needs its proper place, that is, outside your personal energy field. So, hone your own personal survival skills.A lot of people don’t even know they are empathic. They don’t know they are sensitive to other people’s energy and thoughts. They only know they feel tired, cranky and “heavy” emotionally for no reason. These techniques are for you! Even if you are not that empathic, these techniques will leave you feeling relaxed, positive, happy and energized, too! Try one of these:The WaterfallSit quietly and take a few breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine a brilliant waterfall of diamond white light above you. Let is come down and soak you with its clean energy and as it does, watch the dirt and negativity soak away into the ground. Do this three times for maximum results.The BalloonImagine a bright balloon in front of you. Take all the things that are bothering you, one at a time, and put them into the balloon. See yourself pulling out a fear you have and blowing it into the balloon. Knees hurt? Take the pain and push it into the balloon. Someone yell at you at work? Take the anger and frustration and push it into the balloon. When the balloon is full, release it and watch it float to the sun where it will be vaporized and neutralized. Use as many balloons as you need to.ConfettiImagine a beautiful golden, sparkling sphere above your head. Fill it with you! Fill it with everything good and positive about you and your energy. Once its full, let it start to rain down on you like flakes of confetti. As they touch you absorb their beauty into yourself. Feel the beauty of you once again. Do this three times.There is so much energy floating through us daily we rarely realize how much of it soaks into us. If you do these techniques, at least one of them a day, you will feel better. You will feel energized and not only like new, but better than you have ever felt. It’s your own daily refreshing pause and survival skills you can use anywhere and anytime.