Breaking Through Your Psychic Blocks

psychic walnut creek caEven as a psychic in Walnut Creek, CA and  a spiritual being on this planet, I can spend too much time in my human experience running from who I really am (spiritual beings of light) and chasing who I really am not (human beings living lives filled with fear, depression, anxiety, regret, resentment and anger).We get blocked when we slip too deeply into our human experience. When we fall into fear, resentment and anxiety we block and slow down the natural flow of energy through our spirit and around us.Ironically, getting through your blocks can be as easy or challenging a step as you decide it is going to be.  Figuring out why you are blocked is as easy as relaxing, letting go and seeing what is around you.  This is that feeling of “surrender” that we hear so much about.  It is also the most difficult of things to do.  This is why we can also struggle so much with finding or seeing our blocks in order to dissolve them and let them go.Find your break through. One, I have to release my human emotions first. Yes, even the anger and resentment need to be released, not stuffed down.  I like to buy a box of dishes from a garage sale and take them out and smash them and scream. Once the human emotions are released, I can then access my guides and spirits more clearly and begin to see what I need to do to open up once again, fully.As for your family and friends, you don’t break through someone else blocks. Actually, you assist them in breaking through their own. This is quite easy because it is always simple to assess another than it is oneself.  And therefore, leading someone through a process that overcomes a block is easy.One of the things I do well as psychic inn Walnut Creek, CA is have the skill to see and assess blocks of all kinds and types. Two, we are in this human experience to grow and evolve into who we truly are as spirits. In doing so, these two things seem to innately bring us face to face with challenges. If we do not face the challenge we block it out. In blocking it out we get blocked up.  The blocks need to be overcome in any number of ways or we sit stifled in our lives.  It’s a pretty simple, elegant system if you understand it.  And, it can get easier and less stressful if you do, as well.