Reiki Bay Area

the best psychic in san franciscoReiki in the Bay Area has been proven time and time again to be real and effective. In fact, there’s a growing number of doctors who are recommending it to their patients so they can heal a lot faster. However, some still label it a hoax or even a scam for the simple reason that it didn’t work for them.Just because it didn’t work out for a few doesn’t have to mean reiki in The Bay Area is already unreliable. Besides, there are a lot of factors that could affect its outcome. One is your very own perception about reiki.Reiki is a complementary medicine, a holistic approach to healing. Simply put, though it does help people heal, usually it needs to be integrated into other types of treatment. If you want to go all natural, you have to combine it with meditation, yoga, chakra cleansing, hypnosis, and plant-based diet, to name a few. Several reiki patients continue seeing their doctors and taking their medications in between session. Again, the main agenda is to speed up the healing process.Second reiki doesn’t guarantee that you will be totally cured after the sessions are over. But then again, no medicine, even the traditional one, can offer you that. This is because sometimes the desire to completely recover is trumped by the real condition of the body. However, despite the terminal illness, many still opt for reiki in The Bay Area since they are able to achieve relaxation and peace of mind. Most of them realize that they are more than the physical body, and so they are able to accept their fate more openly and comfortably. Peace, comfort, and joy in the middle of physical pain and suffering are definitely huge rewards for these patients.Third is the exchange of energy. Reiki is based on the belief that every person emits energy or the life force. That’s why any individual can be trained for reiki. But like any other transmission, a lot of things can prevent it from being successful. One of these is the blockage in your chakra. Chakras are areas in the body where the life’s energies are found. They can be blocked by a lot of things, including negative emotions such as anxiety or guilt. Unless these blockages are removed, the exchange or transfer of energy will result to only something minimal. Your relationship with the practitioner or the master can also affect the healing process. If there’s no emotional or spiritual attachment between the both of you, then reiki may not work.