Bay Area Psychic

the best psychic in san franciscoMention the word psychic in the Bay Area to anyone, and more often than not, you’ll receive some raised eyebrows and hushed whispers. Over the years, it has been associated to nasty terms such as “loony” and “scam” that most are already skeptical of it. But here’s the truth no one can escape: we are actually all psychics.What is psychic? A person is called as such when he or she perceives something beyond the use of the five senses. Those who have it frequently describe raising of hairs at the back of the neck, the uneasiness at the pit of their stomach, or tingling sensation all over their body. It is often related to intuition and extra-sensory perception.Based on the definition, psychic abilities can be wide ranging. You have telepathy, remote viewing, psychometry, clairvoyance, and mediumship. Of all these terms, the most confusing are clairvoyance, mediumship, and general psychic abilities.A medium is a person who can channel those who have passed and not seen by normal people such as spirit guides and angels. They are the vessels who deliver the message to the recipients whose psychic abilities may be low or not in tune to the sources of the message. A spirit doesn’t have to invade the medium’s body in order to communicate, as many can already communicate through thoughts.A clairvoyant, meanwhile, is a person who sees things that a “normal” eye cannot. It doesn’t have to mean they can see the future, though they can provide you with special pieces of advice related to that. There are other types of “clair,” and they still fall into the psychic arena. These include clairsentience or the ability to perceive or sense something. Empaths belong to this category. Clearaudience, meanwhile, refers to extra hearing ability. People with these abilities can hear higher frequencies, especially those of the other dimensions.Mediumships and clairvoyance, however, can be natural (which means the person has it the moment he or she is born) or acquired (he or she underwent training to develop these abilities). So unless you were born with them, a psychic doesn’t have to be a medium or a clairvoyant. Now how can this be helpful in your daily life? You don’t have to approach a psychic in Bay Area or become one in order to tell the future or talk to the dead. It’s all about getting the right guidance for your life. It’s all about awareness and using intuition and other powerful gifts to make the most effective decisions.