How To Use A Pendulum

bay area psychicA pendulum is a divination tool with a small weight on the end of a 6 to 10 inch piece of thread, string, twine, or chain. Use it to gain insight from:

  1. Your Subconscious Mind
  2. Your body and cells of your body
  3. Your Higher Self
  4. Other Spirits

Spirit answers through your subconscious. The information comes through your spirit but your body moves the pendulum to that information. Your spirit connects to thoughts that are available and “out there.” Thought moves the pendulum. It directs the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle twitches that move the pendulum in the desired direction.The challenge of using a pendulum is to clear your mind completely of conscious and unconscious thoughts about which direction the pendulum will move and which direction you want it to move. This is easier to do in some areas than in others. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to do when you are emotionally invested in something.When you use the pendulum, you must be completely open to the response. If you have a hunch, a feeling, a knowing, or a desire about which way the pendulum will swing, you must get this out of your mind when you do the testing. The best way to accomplish this is to say aloud what you are thinking and keep your mind on what you are saying.Here are some basic steps to learning to use a pendulum:

  1. Say aloud: “Show me ‘yes’ signal.” Note the direction the pendulum moves. Clock-wise? Counter Clock-wise? Side to side? Up and down? Diagonally? If the pendulum does not move immediately, continue to say “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes” aloud until it does. This could happen quickly, or it may take a while. If it has not happened after 10 minutes, move on to the “No” directions below or try this again later.
  1. Say aloud: “Show me ‘no’ signal.” As with the “yes” signal, note the direction the pendulum moves.
  1. Repeat these steps to find these directional signals: “kind of”, “don’t know”, “can’t say”, “ask later.”
  1. Now make several simple statements (one at a time) to which you know the answers. Such as: My name is ____. I live at __________. I am _______ years old. My hair color is ______. My eye color is _____. This is for practice and to make certain your signals are working properly.

Once you are certain of the directions for each response, mark these down on the paper with the circle so that you remember them. You can use the circle graph each time you use the pendulum until you are familiar with the responses. When this happens you will no longer need to use it. You can then hold the pendulum in any way you want, as long as you keep the arm and hand steady.