What Exactly is a Psychic?

There’s a lot of confusion about what a psychic is and does. What’s the difference between a psychic, a medium? What are the various differences between the types of extra abilities?A psychic is someone who can pick up information from various different sources. A psychic, is like a human satellite dish. Through additional abilities other than the five human senses, they are able to perceive information in the energy of the collective unconscious. You have heard that we are all connected. It’s that energetic connection through our spirits that connects us on that energetic plane into what psychologists have called the collective unconscious. Everyone can tap into it. Psychics have learned how to do so.You tap into people energetically whether you’re aware of it or not. Yes, there is emotion involved, but spiritually you’re pure energy, as a radiant being of light. Everyone is. Thoughts are energy and move at lightning-like speed. When you connect to another person, you’re connecting to their energy, soul, and spirit. And, you connect with their thoughts.One, a good psychic will never tell you what to do. They’ll offer you information, options and potential consequences of actions you could decide to take. Two, they’ll look at possibilities, probabilities, and outcomes. They’ll be your Schrodinger’s Cat of the spiritual world. They’ll illuminate the possible outcomes for the questions you have, once you open the metaphorical box, but no reputable psychic will tell you what to do.Most professional psychics take information and put it through their own, personal experiences, and interpret it through their human filters. They interpret information based upon their own human judgments. The handful of psychics that are top pros, describe what they pick up, not interpret it for you. These psychics, which are a real find, can see layers of information, move through it avoiding their own limitations, and present it to you in a neutral, informational format. For example, if they see a long, cylindrical yellow object, they’ll describe it rather than call it a banana. For you, it may have meaning as a piece of macaroni, or yellow wire, not a banana. Interpreting it as a banana for you is doing you a grave disservice and negatively affects the guidance you receive. Good psychics are similar to satellite dish receivers in that they’ll describe what they see, instead of interpreting it.They also work like human microscopes. They can zoom into multiple levels of information, and pick out details, not just one piece of the puzzle, for insight. Since the human experience is complex, like a multi-faceted gem, a good advisor can metaphorically rotate the gem and see what’s going on within the different facets of a client’s life.