Tips for Setting Your Intentions

Did you know your intention is the most powerful thing you have when creating your personal reality? Everything starts with intention, no matter if it is conscious or subconscious. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, from manifesting well-being, abundance, or love, stating your desired result or intention is how life grows. 

If your goal is to change your process, outcome, or reality, you should start by changing your intention. It’s worth noting that intentions are the same thing as affirmations. When you are ready to begin setting your intentions, use the tips found here. 

Understand Your Values 

Your values are your set of fundamental beliefs that help inform your actions. Before you state an intention, get clear on what you value, how you want to feel, and what achievement you want to make. Your intentions will be especially powerful if they are aligned with your values. 

Create a list of your core values to align your intentions with them. To figure out your values, think of a time when you felt unlimited, free, or fulfilled. What did this feel like to you? What gives your life purpose and meaning? What are you proud of? Try meditating on these questions or journaling about them to determine your values. 

Figure Out What You Want to Achieve 

This is also something that needs to align with your core values. It should make you feel good on every level – body, mind, and spirit. When you set your intentions based on what you like or based on judgments or perceptions of other people, they will not be as powerful as the intentions you set that are aligned with what your soul wants and yearns for. 

You can consider the following questions to find out what you desire:

  • What does your inner self and world look like?
  • What will it take to make your dreams come true?

Speak Your Intentions Out Loud or Write Them Down

When you write or speak your intentions, you send a powerful and energetic vibration out and into the universe. On a psychological level, you will also connect to what you are trying to manifest. 

You can incorporate your intention into your day-to-day life by journaling. If you have a special space, alter, or another similar location in your home, you can develop a ritual with your set intention. To do this, you will stand in the area, light candles, and say your intentions out loud. When you do this, you affirm what you want and make your desires clear. 

Stay Positive

As you create your intentions, you should make sure they are written or stated in a positive way. Be sure to focus on your goals and what you want, rather than what you are trying to avoid. 

Taking time to set your intentions will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Use these tips as a jumping-off point to start the process.