The Drop In

The Drop In in Evidential Mediumship

As an evidential medium and clairvoyant in the San Francisco Bay Area, I often get a Drop In visitor. In mediumship, a drop in is a soul who just drops in unannounced for a visit without a specific client, person, or sitter connected to me.

I’ve been getting a lot of “Drop Ins” the last few months. They are fun, always welcome, and difficult to confirm the evidence immediately because there is no client. Sometimes, it may even be years before I find out a confirmation of information provided to me by a drop in.

Trust in the soul is paramount. I have learned to trust that information provided by a soul is always correct. Whether I confirm it or not is another thing.

An Errol Flynn-like handsome, thin, young man named “Richie” has been dropping in often over the last 4 to 5 months. He wears an aviator uniform from WW II and tells me about his silver plane, crew mates, talks incessantly about England where is base was under the RAF Coastal Command. He was a gunner and sometime navigator on a B-24 Liberator crew.

He is a very focused and high energy personality, that is smart like a fox. He’s shown me his metal jump seat he sits in and describes the engine noise, cold air while flying, and gun station he mans in the plane. He also showed me how they were shot down over eastern Europe by German fighters. He mentioned they lumbered like dinosaurs in the air.

Each visit with Ritchie provides new information as the chats we have are always a bit different. But one thing he always says is he wants to come home. There are lots of other details, too as he’s introduced me to his friends, and his parents, all of whom are in spirit now too.

Today, this shows up in my feed: Click Here to Read the Article.

That’s him. His plane. He’s showed me the bikini girl. Thank you, my friend. Rest well.