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Find Mindful Peace in Today’s World

Finding peace is an inner quest we all share. The challenge over the ages has been, how to experience inner peace no matter what is swirling around us. In times like now, with all its uncertainty, changes, unknowns, and negative shocking circumstances, seeking peace can seem unattainable. Peace today through mindfulness is more than possible. […]

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How Crystals Can Enhance The Power Of Reiki

Reiki has long been practiced to bring balance and healing to the body and mind. Developed as a spiritual practice in the early twentieth century by a Japanese Buddhist, Reiki’s healing tradition is designed to nurture uninterrupted energy flows to bring harmony within the body’s systems.  While Reiki may be performed to reach different goals,

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The Drop In

The Drop In in Evidential Mediumship As an evidential medium and clairvoyant in the San Francisco Bay Area, I often get a Drop In visitor. In mediumship, a drop in is a soul who just drops in unannounced for a visit without a specific client, person, or sitter connected to me. I’ve been getting a

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