Negative Energy in Your Home


Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly feel sick, restless, drained of energy, or uneasy? According to the principles of Quantum physics, everything is made up of energy. The atoms that create the objects you see and use and consider “solid” and “tangible” are made up of about 99.999% space.

Because everything is made of atoms, which are just energy, it means everything is made of energy. The energy that makes you is the same energy that creates the chair you sit in, the car you drive, and mountains on the horizon.

Your body is constantly radiating your energy aura that extends several feet away from your body. You also absorb energy emitted from people who are around you.

Any type of intention, action, or thought that triggers a negative emotion, such as envy, grief, jealousy, or anger, is considered negative energy. Also, anything that triggers a positive response, such as joy, happiness, and love, is considered positive energy.

As mentioned above, you will know when you encounter negative energy because your energy will react with it. However, there are some other signs to look for, too.

You Feel Tired or Emotionally Drained Entering a Space

Everyone goes through phases where you may feel tired or drained.

However, if you suddenly feel tired when you go into a certain room, are close to a certain person, or an enclosed space, your body may be trying to resist the energy being emitted.

Your body can absorb energy from its surroundings. This is why you will likely know when something is “off” about a place. In most cases, your body won’t be wrong.

It’s best to trust your instincts.

You Feel Physical Discomfort Entering a Space

Your body and gut instincts are more sensitive to energy than you may give it credit for. These parts of your body can pick up on negative energies and bad vibes.

You are not consciously aware of how or when your body does this.

If you feel any type of nausea, headaches, or other symptoms that isn’t caused by a known ailment, it’s because your body is trying to warn you about the negative energy in the room.

You Feel Intense Emotions

When you enter a space with negative energy, it may make you feel panic-stricken, restless, anxious, or claustrophobic. This is another time when negative energy is present and another indication you may need a home cleansing.

Plants Don’t Grow in a Room

Do your pets behave oddly in a certain room? Do plants not bloom when they are in there due to negative energy? In some cases, they may even wither up or die.

As you can see, there are more than a few signs and indications that there is negative energy in your home or another space. If this is the case, it may be time to have a psychic perform a cleanse on your home or the area where you experience these negative vibes.