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Signs There Is Negative Energy in Your House

It takes time, work, and effort to create a home; a place away from the outside world where you can go to recharge and feel safe. Your home should be your sanctuary and a place where you can rest.

If you have noticed it doesn’t feel like that in your home, it may be time to look for potential signs of negative energy inside. Once you recognize this negative energy, you can call the professionals for a house cleansing to remove it – for good.

Excessive Clutter

Think about your body. What occurs inside may impact the outside and the opposite is true, too. If you are feeling angry or sad, your skin will show that feeling with pale coloring or rashes. If you don’t exercise or eat unhealthy food, keeping a positive mood may be virtually impossible.

Your home is like this too. It reacts to what happens both outside and inside. If things begin piling up at home, things not just emotions, it’s a sign there’s something negative present.

You may also notice that more items are getting broken or misplaced or there could be a layer or grime and dust building up because you just have too much going on to take care of things. The things that once brought joy and vibrancy to your home, such as flower vases, now sit empty.

Bad Odors

Clutter is a sign of negative energy, and it will make it challenging to keep things clean. This may also result in bad smells throughout your house.

While this is true, negative energy doesn’t have to be in the presence of clutter to stink. It can often create a damp or musty odor that no one wants to encounter.

If your home is full of positive energy, it is going to smell natural and fresh. Houses full of negative energy are often abrasive to the nose.

A Lot of Arguments Occur in the House

With this situation, you may find a vicious almost never-ending cycle is created. Arguments create negative energy, but sometimes negative energy can create arguments.

If you find more and more arguments are occurring in your home, no matter if it is with others or on the phone, then it is a clear indication of negative energy in your home.

It does not matter what caused the arguments, the tension and stress they cause don’t belong in your sanctuary. When your house is healthy, it has established, strong boundaries that help keep bad feelings and arguments out.

Insomnia and Nightmares

You can look to your sleep patterns for signs of negative energy, too. Just like mediation is beneficial for your mind and gives it an opportunity to rest, sleep does this for your mind, body, and spirit. If you experience nightmares or insomnia, you are no longer getting good sleep.

As you can see, things that may seem normal and ordinary may actually be indications of negative energy. If you notice this, take action and schedule a professional house cleansing.

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