Divination Tools

bay area psychicEveryone is psychic to one degree or another. Some people are just more aware of the unseen energies within and around them than others are. But those gut feelings, that woman’s intuition, are psychic abilities. Some people choose to use “tools of the psychic trade” to clarify what they are seeing. These tools are called tools of divination, or seeing.It’s important to note that no one can use tools of divination to foretell the future in the modern perspective people see in TV and movies. What a psychic reader or divination tool can do is show you the probable outcome of energy patterns you have currently put into place up to today. But with free will and choice, you have the ability to change these outcomes.This is the benefit of divination. To determine how your current choices have created a pattern of energy on your path for today, tomorrow and beyond. By understanding how your energy is being manifest by you, you can alter those aspects you don’t want, and work toward those you do want. So don’t think the future is set in stone. It’s not, if you don’t want it to be.Here are a few divination tools I use and will be explaining this series of blog posts:Automatic WritingA person channels from the spirit realm and allows the spirits to use their body to write a message or draw symbols to be interpreted later.Crystal Ball (Scrying)Used as a tool to trigger visions, crystal balls come in many shapes and sizes and colors. Most commonly used in a trance or meditative state while looking into the ball and viewing any inclusions or shadows seen in the ball itself. Fire and Smoke ScryingThe flame from a candle or a campfire may allow one to see various images dancing in the flames. Sometimes puts the person into a trance and allows visions. Smoke scrying is similar, but shapes are observed dancing on the smoke. Oracle CardsThese cards are similar to tarot. Some use animals as the basis for their meanings, others use a combination of animals, plants, stones, symbols, ect.PendulumA device on a string or chain, usually made of stone, wood, glass, crystal, or bone that is polished into a point and then dangled from the string.. Primary methods use the movement of the pendulum to divine answers to questions, or even scry for the direction of an object that is lost. RunesThese are stones or sometimes sticks that are marked with either Norse runes or Ogham runes. The most common are using the Norse system. Readings again vary in how they are done. Some people pull a single stone, others use a spread similar to the tarot.TarotAlso called tarotmancy, the use of tarot cards to foretell the future. Made up of the Major and Minor Arcana, there are usually 21 cards in the Major Arcana, and 4 suits of 14 cards in the Minor Arcana. There are custom decks available, and decks that use different suits, as well as some that have extra cards, or some that feature fewer cards. Some decks even change the names of the Major Arcana cards to suit the theme of the deck itself. Each spread can vary in number of cards, meaning, and even the depth of the questions asked.Spirit Boards / Witch Boards / Talking Boards (Ouija Boards)Typically used during a seance, a tear or heart shaped piece of wood is placed on a board with letters, numbers, symbols and some common words on it, then touched by everyone in the circle around the board. Sold as a game, or custom made. Many stories highlight the more evil intentions around the board.Wind ListeningA meditative trance in a secluded area. Listen for what you may hear on the wind.Wind WatchingThis method utilizes observation of the wind and its effects on objects, such as tree, animals, clouds, the ground etc.