OMG! What’s Happening to Me?

psychic walnut creek caI have observed that most people wake up slowly. They wake up over time, some their entirelifetime. That being the case, it is the nature of the experiences that can be overwhelming. It is that startling and shocking nature of what is being perceived that can be calmed down, controlled, understood and experienced and accepted calmly.  Here are some tips that can help you accept whatever is happening to you at any level and at any time. Whether you are at an Initial, Intermediate or Advanced level of spiritual awareness, use these tips for waking up sane.Initial Level of AwarenessAt this level you are experiencing spirit and phenomena for the first time. You may also have been experiencing it for some time but are now only paying attention to it. Things can be as simple as noticing light out of your peripheral vision, knowing things that happen in the future, or even seeing full bodied apparitions. It does not matter. What does matter is that at this initial stage, you are in your first conscious experience of spiritual awakening. Here are five things you can do to feel more comfortable and calm with what you are experiencing.1. Know You Are SaneThe experiences you are having, while they can be shocking and dramatic, are real.  You are sane. For whatever reason, you are awakening to your spiritual nature at this moment in time.   If you are particularly left brained, the revelations you experience can be overwhelming. However, the first step in addressing any of it is to know you are lucid and sane.  You are also “OK” and healthy.  And, you must understand you are not going to be harmed. Finally, you are not alone.  You are just joining the ranks of the new sane society!2. Breathe & RelaxWhile this may seem silly to say, the best way to handle all of this, past the initial shock, is to relax and breathe. Breathe deeply, breathe regularly.  In some ways, you may be on the border of, or have gone into shock: an emotional shock.  And, like any type of trauma, a series of deep breaths to calm down, get centered and restart yourself mentally, will work.   It can be as simple as:  breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for eight counts. Do this as much as you feel the need to do throughout the day and night.3. Talk to SomeoneFind someone as soon as possible to chat with about your experiences.  You are in need of validation that this is real. And, the validation should come from someone who has already experienced it or works in the metaphysical arena. Many local metaphysical bookstores have on-site advisors who you can see the same day.  If you have absolutely no one you know and trust, then I suggest a call to a psychic phone line to chat with someone who works in this arena and can validate your experiences with some of their own. While there are a myriad of issues with finding an ad hoc metaphysical advisor in this manner, you are simply looking for validation of your experience, not guidance.4.       Find a ClassOne of the best ways to begin to understand what has occurred is to begin your own study of metaphysics and the awakening process. Your journey through this is personal and unique yet there are many in-person classes, online seminars and books you can access immediately to assist you with information available for you. Use them. Search the web and book stores. Look at bios of metaphysical people. Your spirit will align you with someone.  By that I mean you’ll find someone whose message feels right to you. Grab their book or find some video snippets of them online. And, at this beginning stage, the more information you can get your hands on, the better!5.       Get a MentorYou do not have to put a shingle out and become a psychic reader or advisor. You do not have to let go of your profession, salary, lifestyle, friends or family. What you do need, is a good mentor, teacher or guide. This person will gently hold your spiritual hand and guide you through the maze of questions you have about all of this. Look for one that may have had a similar experience to you. This trusted advisor can be there for you every step of the way since they have shared your experience, too.