Developing Your Mediumship Skills

Everyone can develop their sensitive side. Everyone can tune into the spirit world, you just have to learn how. And, just like going to the gym, you get better at it the more you do it and practice it.People who connect regularly with the spirit world are called mediums. Mediums were named as such because they literally mediate communication between the spirit world and this one. Mediums receive communication and information from the unseen realms in different ways. There is no one right way. Some get mental knowings, some get visions and images, some get feelings, and some hear them.  Others “channel” them and allow spirit to manipulate their voice box in order to communicate. Still others, have a combination of these abilities. You can find information on these types by doing search engine searches online for Mental Mediumship (communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy), Trance Mediumship (a spirit uses the medium’s mind to communicate), Physical Mediumship (the medium is used as a source of power for spirit manifestations such as raps and knocks) and Channeling (allowing the spirit to borrow the physical body.)The first step in honing and being open to the spirit world is to learn to adjust your brain vibration, your brain waves. It’s important to learn to step away from the material world into the spiritual realm. You can do this with learning to meditate. Meditation can teach you to alter your brain waves from beta to alpha. Changing this vibration will begin to allow you to vibrationally tune into the sprit realm.Step two, in tuning into spirit, tune up your five senses. Start to look for signs. Be open to the fact that spirit offers you symbols, feelings, pictures and signs. Yes, it is that simple! As you tune your physical senses you heighten your spiritual ones, as well. While you are used to signs being visual, they can also come through any of the five senses. You may smell, feel or hear something, too. So while you may want to “look” for signs, be aware they can come in forms that all of your senses can perceive.Step three, and the most critical of all the steps in learning to connect with spirit, is to believe. Yes, confidence in knowing that the information you pick up is real will help you work effectively with the information you are receiving. There is no such thing as performance anxiety in connecting with spirit.Just relax, practice and have fun while developing your connection to spirit and hone your communication skills. Also, finding a good mentor to help you develop your abilities is good, too. They can validate your experiences for you and guide you to higher levels of sensitivity as you tune into the realm of those in light.