Your Soul’s Purpose

  • What is my purpose here?
  • How come my friends seem to know what theirs is?
  • I feel lost!

If you are feeling lost and in search of your purpose, relax. If it seems like everyone around seems to know what they want, it is not true nor is it their purpose in life they are pursuing. Again, relax!What we think our purpose is, it is not. There is no label, no work, no job title to pursue. In fact, it is our own ego, coupled with low self-esteem, that bring out our limitations as a human being. Pursuing and defining our spiritual purpose as if it was an attainable and tangible goal, is absolutely the wrong way to view it and live it.Your purpose is to express your spiritual nature through your special talents and gifts. You express them to those around you and in a way only you can.“Seriously? Really? That does not sound like a big deal.”Again, that is your cognitive mind judging the situation. It is not your spirit nor your purpose coming out. Your purpose, is to be joyful and then radiate that joy to all those you come in contact with. It is your unique talents and abilities and gifts that flavor it just for you.“But I’ve never been good at anything!”Again, your cognitive mind judging you. Stop it!You can find your talents, even if you spent years feeling you have none. Then, you can apply it to your life and start living your purpose rather easily and quickly. First, ask yourself, what do I love to do?Silly, yes, but ask yourself this basic question. If it is challenging to answer, then ask yourself what you did as a child that you loved to do.Those very lovely things you immerse yourself in and enjoy are your very special talents. And, how you do them is unique to just you. It is these things you can express or simply begin to add to your life a little at a time. And, that is simply where you begin: adding them a little at a time into your life. They will dictate how to unfold them over time.No, if you love to dance you do not have to quit your job as an attorney and starve. But, you can begin to find a dance class once a week or as little as once a month and begin to do so once again. If you are embarrassed, then buy a DVD but just start again: art class, music, writing, singing, hiking, traveling…whatever!It may sound silly but when you are at your best, you raise your energetic vibration. You also raise the energy of those around you, too. It’s like the tides: when the water rises, all the boats float higher, especially you!