Learning to Develop Medium Skills – A Short Course Part 2

Note: this is the second of a Five Part Series, by popular request, on how to develop the abilities we all have.Learning to use your intuition is one of the keys to rediscovering your abilities to communicate with spirits. Your intuition, inner voice, is your psychic awareness. You have this power, but for many people, it remains repressed. Your intuition relies on your intellect, five senses, and emotions, working in conjunction with them. Not only does clairvoyance, telepathy, and other psychic phenomenon filter through our intuition, but also artistic inspiration, mystical religious experiences, and creative problem solving.Intuition is a sense of knowing, and this knowing comes from within. This sense of knowing is spontaneous; it is not an analyzing process. If you put too much effort into trying to be intuitive, you will stop the process. In other words, intuition is not something that you can make happen. It just happens. But, you can learn to become aware of it happening. Intuition occurs when our minds are relaxed and not concentrated on a particular job to do.You ‘ve had an intuitive experience. The only difference between me and you, is that I have learned to use mine well. Like other people who are considered psychic, I have learned to distinguish between my inner voice and the multitude of opinions and beliefs swirling through my thoughts. Any psychic will tell you that it takes observation, reflection, and trial and error to develop a strong intuitive sense.Think of the first time you tried to drive. You had to begin with the basics, studying and listening to the instructor. The first time you sat behind the wheel, you had to distinguish the accelerator from the brake pedal in order to know what would happen when you put your foot on either one. You learned how to slow down, stop or go in reverse. Eventually, you began to drive with a sense of a second sense. Now, you just do it.Intuition is like that. The more you use it and the better you are at it, the more confident you become. You will find that learning to use your intuition will enhance every aspect of your life.Your intuition is more accessible and active when our physical, spiritual and emotional beings are in alignment. The following exercise will help you bring these parts of your being into resonance, hence creating more of an opening to access your intuition.For the next few weeks, carry a little notebook with you. Each time you get a hunch or intuitive nudge, write down the date and a keyword or two to record it. Once a week, make a checkmark by those notes that prove true. Cross out those that are not playing out true. What you will begin to see for yourself, is which message are intuition and which are emotions. This technique will help assist you in learning which voice is your intuition.