Learning to Develop Medium Skills – A Short Course Part 1

Note: this is the first of a Five Part Series, by popular request, on how to develop the abilities we all have.All of us have the ability to communicate with spirit. You just have to learn how. Actually, there is nothing to learn, you simply reawaken what you already have inside you.Step one, awaken or heighten your intuition.

  1. In order to awaken your intuition, and make it active once again, wake up the life around and within you. You do this by beginning to pay close attention to your five human senses. As you become aware of your human surroundings to a heightened degree, you are instructing your mind to know more.

When the human senses are taken to higher levels of acuity, the extrasensory abilities are heightened, too.Ten minutes a day is all it takes, to improve your extra senses. One method, entails looking at an object, studying it, and noticing things about it you have never seen before. Another method, is to use a plate with five different foods on it. Take a few minutes to slowly taste each food, focusing on the taste in a more significant way. You can also touch something in new way. For example, notice how your clothes feel on your shoulders. Notice how your glasses feel on the bridge of your nose. Or, sit in a silent place. Hear the depth of the silence around you.Each one of these practices will increase your sixth sense abilities, too.Some call it intuition. Now is the time to open it up. Let this ability guide you and be your compass in life. This is step one in developing your mediumship skills.Uncovering, understanding, and becoming aware of your own intuition is a powerful, life-enhancing skill. When you begin to listen to yourself, perhaps for the first time, you will discover layers to your awareness. After filtering the superficial encounters, you will reach the deeper levels of your being. Confusion clears away, and trust takes its place. The beauty of intuition is that nothing is compelling you to do something. From that intuitive point, you can make clearer choices.When interpreting the signals from the spirit world, you must perfect your sensitivity to such an extent that you can see with your inner eye and hear with your inner ear. The world is full of distractions, and it takes patience, practice and determination to sit quietly and listen to your own inner voice. The first step towards this is by broadening the sensory skills you already use.Work one-on-one with me to develop your mediumship abilities. Click Here to book your session.